Using the Wheel of the Year for Yourself

Self-Care and the Wheel of the Year

People often hear that they need to take care of themselves more and sometimes when they start doing this, it seems like the world around them starts falling apart. The truth is though that you will have positivity when you begin to nurture who you are. Even the smallest acts of self-care can bring many positive benefits into your life. Even if it feels like a mundane task or something pointless, do it.

If you are dealing with someone hard, the best thing that you can do is to comfort yourself and learn to move forward so that you can face hard things. You need to let obstacles go and not wonder what you could have done better. As you learn to care for yourself more, you will get rid of negative thinking like you aren’t good enough.

You have to learn to care for yourself such as eating good, being more positive, reflecting on good things, taking wise advise and more. You can go out into nature and learn to love it. You can learn to look at the world around you and enjoy everything in the world, including the seasons, knowing how it supports your spirit.

Self-Care and the Wheel of the Year

You need to care for yourself as if you are a child. Eat foods that are nutritious and get enough sleep. Even if you need to nap, do it. The Yule is something that works with the root chakra, and it can help you to have a healthy mind and body. When you need to take a break, do it. If your body is telling you to rest, this is a basic need, and you need to do it.


Allow the coldness to leave you. Allow your feelings to come out. Be respectful and kind but you don’t have to tell everyone everything they want to know. Be honest with yourself and with your emotions. If you need to express yourself, do it. The emotions that you have allow you to let your feelings out in your relationships and in your situations. Do this without judgement.


Have boundaries. When you need to do something, do it but when you are doing what everyone else wants, stop it. Learn to listen to your inner critic and your thoughts and to know the difference between the two. Encourage yourself and let your inner voice be kind and supportive to you. Listen to the voices that tell you that you are doing your best and that respect you. Having self-respect will help you.


Find what you are passionate for. Don’t be responsible for what everyone else does. Acknowledge what you need and do what it takes to get your body strong. Eat things that are exciting. The Beltane works with the heart chakra, and you need to do things to bring love to yourself. Try to dance to music, walk in nature and act like a child. Live your life lighter and have joy in your heart.


Know what your talents are. Find out what you are good at and do it. Care for your body and your soul. Invite people to come into your world. Work hard but also learn to have fun. Celebrate the things that you accomplish. Honor yourself and honor the different things you bring to the universe.


What is challenging you? Find these things and see if you can do them. Work hard and accomplish things that have held you back. Look at your relationships in a different way. Make them better. Have self-esteem and don’t let others hurt you or put you down. Celebrate the goodness of life.


Let things go that you have been holding on to. Get rid of things that take away your joy and confidence. Find ways to have power in your day. Use your discernment and don’t let baggage hold you back. Be confident that you can let go of things that no longer serve you.


See the mysteries of life. Not everything is scary, and you can try new things. Even when you face challenges, this is so that you can have a better future. Embrace these things and don’t run from them. Don’t resist change. Have peace and let go of trying to be in control. Let life take you where it must.

Wheel of the Year

The wheel of the year has different spokes, eight of them. They are energetic and they help you to understand balance in the world. Let your life have a flow. You are part of nature, and you will have wisdom in it. As you age, you will see that you can find the world around you and see how amazing it is. Reflect on your wisdom and let it guide you as you care for yourself and find the support and encouragement that you need. You are unique.