How to Know He Wants to Date You

He Wants to Date You

Getting into a new relationship can be hard and if you just started dating but you aren’t sure if the person is really serious about you and wants to date you exclusively, it can leave you with lots of questions.

Here are some signs he is just about you:

  • Making Plans

A person that wants to date you will make plans and schedule their time to be with you. They will open up to you and they will find out what you are doing and if you are going to be free. This can be trips that are just for the day, going out to eat lunch or even going to the movies.

  • Relationship Past

Being in a new relationship can be hard but once you get together, one thing that you need to talk about is going to be your relationship past. Once you tell someone about your relationship past, see how they respond. If they aren’t worried about what you did in your past and they are mature and treat others respectfully, this is a good sign.

  • Strong Connection

Someone that you are interested in will likely share the same values, morals, and thoughts that you have. They will have a personality that attracts you and you will feel like it is easy to be around them. This is a strong type of connection.

  • Meeting Family and Friends

If someone likes you, they want to show you off. They will want to introduce you to other people in their lives including their family and their friends. They will introduce you because they will want you to be a deeper part of their life and they expect you to be around for the future.

  • They Want to Know You

When someone is interested in you, they will do what they can to get to know you. They will know things about your past, things other people don’t know, things that you like, things that you hate and everything that they can about you.

They will want to know you more and more and they will do what it takes to be part of your life and to get to know you closely.

  • Making Time

One of the biggest signs that someone likes you is that they will make time for you. They will make time for you no matter what they have going on. They will do what they can to make plans with you and they will never get too much of you.

Being in this type of relationship means that they are interested in you and that they have good relationship goals.

  • They Tell You They Want Just You

Being in a relationship where you are confused about the status can be hard. When you want to be with someone and they tell you that they want to be exclusive, this is the biggest and most clear sign they can give you.

  • They Show You Off

Someone that wants to be exclusive with you will show you off and everyone will know about your relationship. It will not be a secret.

  • Their Behavior Proves It

People that want to be in an exclusive relationship will show this with their personality and behaviors. They will keep texting you and calling you and keep trying to see you. Sometimes relationships start strong and then they get weaker but if someone wants to be with you then they will make you important.

  • No Secrets

When someone likes you, they will be transparent with you. They won’t hold things back; they won’t keep secrets and you won’t have to always be guessing what they are thinking or feeling.

  • Showing You Off

A person that wants to be in an exclusive relationship will show you off on their social media. They will show off pictures of you together and they won’t be afraid or ashamed to tell people that they like you.

  • Holidays

Most likely when a person likes you, they will want to celebrate the holidays with you, and this will be a big part of their planning with you.

  • Emotions

When someone likes you, they will be vulnerable and emotional with you. They will tell you things that they value, and they will talk about things like children and finances.