Finding Solace in Psychics, Even for an Unbeliever

Finding Solace in Psychics

There is nothing more convincing than personal accounts of why some big decision was made and that is exactly what is being shared here. When the situation arose that she wanted to leave, but felt the need to stay because he was so sick, she could not decide. Friends were tired of talking it out, therapists were at a loss, and a rabbi who was asked for advice said she shouldn’t leave because he was sick but shouldn’t stay with him because he was sick. This did not help clarify anything.

Then one day, out of the blue, a friend suggested seeing a psychic which was not a typical option, but not one that could be ruled out in the situation. For someone who preferred science and logic, a psychic was a stretch, but maybe some clarity could be found. With the weird, old movie perception of old women with crystal balls in mind, she agreed. Needless to say, psychics have gained a great deal of respect since the initial portrayal, but there are still doubters.

However, three years into the five year relationship with someone who had cystic fibrosis was wearing. Most people with CF do not live past 40, he was 41, and she thought she could handle all that came with someone who would not likely live a long life. It would take empathy and humor, as well as an acceptance of certain things that were not normal. Things like late night EMT calls, chronic unemployment, and limited time out would become the norm. He had never planned or thought about a future because there was not supposed to be one, this was tough on him and her.

When a friend shared the number to a psychic, the guy was tethered to an oxygen tank full time. He was dealing with a shrinking world and related, a growing distrust. He went through her journals and computers and read about the things she did not want him to know. She was paying his way in the world and caring for him while working full time. While he was the love of her life, she was suffocating under the burdensome unhappiness. A call was placed to a psychic, what could it hurt. There seemed to be answers nowhere else.

The psychic was unique and had been in practice for nearly 60 years. He had met stars and been in a movie. Though she knew nothing about the psychic yet, he seemed to know lots about her. He shared that she was imprisoned in her life and then read her cards and her palm. He asked no questions and demanded no explanation, only opened the door to things she would not admit to herself. She had to admit to herself that love was not enough to save a relationship, even if you tried your best.

The relationship id end, not because of the reading, but because it forced her to see the truth. The two continued to live together, but the engagement was off because the boyfriend had read her journals and become overly suspicious. A few years later she went back to the psychic and he read her palm an cards again, revealing truth from her life and predicting a happy future if she was willing to let go of a recent relationship that ha already ended.

Though this woman was still not 100% certain psychics existed, she did find hope in the reading and some truth along the way. Seeking help did not provide all the answers, but id open the door to the needed changes. Whether the psychic was the source of answers or just a wake up call for her own intuition, it helped. Sometimes being open to an experience is all that is needed to find a way out.