Difference Between a Full Moon and New Moon

Full Moon and New Moon

When you look at astrology, the moon is considered one of the most important parts of the solar system. It is so important that it is even considered a planet in astrology. This is something that is close to the earth, and it is something that most people can see when they look out into the sky.

The moon will shift and will change the way that we feel and will shift our emotions and the way that we grow. This is a symbol of the moments of change in our life. One of the ways that you can go deeper is to understand the moon cycles and how they can change your spiritual self and the cosmic energy that you experience each day.

The moon is something that shows the intimate side of who you are. It will change your moods, your emotions, how you react to things and how you find safety in things in your life. Astrology will mother you and will become part of your inner world.

The planets in astrology are not visible to you like the moon is and so it is easier for the astrologers to hold on to the moon in the sky and help you to align who you are. The moon will change in front of you, and it is almost as dramatic as anything that you can look at. You can see that the moon will spend around two and a half days in each of the 12 signs and this is why the energy changes each month.

The way that the lunar moon works can change your powers to manifest things in your life and it can change the energies that are always around you.

The Lunar Cycle of the Moon

The moon offers you a chances to reach your goals and to connect with astrology each month. There is a new moon and a full moon that happens, and each lunar cycle will start with the new moon. It will grow larger for around two weeks, and it will become a full moon and then it grows smaller again for about two weeks and will be a new moon again. This will happen for about 28 days as it travels through all of the different zodiac signs.

The new moon is one that has the most energy and it will give your life both good and bad things. The sign of the moon and how the other planets react will change the way people feel. The new moon can mean that new things are happening for you and the full moon can mean that you need to let go of things. This is an easy way to understand the breakdown of the full and new moon.

New Moon and Energy

The beginning of the lunar cycle is when you get new energy. This is a time where you can set new goals and you can start new. It is a time to refocus on your goals and dreams.

The new moon is the first phase of the lunar cycle, and it is when the moon is hardly seen at all because of the position of the sun. This is a beginning and a time where you can start new. You can plant seeds, start new goals, manifest something you want. The new moon will make the nights darker, and it is a time where you can take time to get to know who you are and what you want. You can look deep inside at the goals that you have set. This might be a time where you want to spend alone time and find out who you really are and that is good!  Take time to focus your energy on you.

The new moon is a new beginning, and this means that there will be an ending as well. As the new cycle of the moon starts you need to stop doing things that are no longer good for you. Use the things that you are going through to leave behind negative things.

Set strong intentions at the new moon and set new goals. Get used to doing this every 28 days to start having more hope and opportunities. If you start a project, focus on it, and od something new. Move forward in your life.

Full Moon and Energy

The moon at its brightest is the full moon. This is when it is at the end of the lunar cycle. This is a time where you can look at the energy and you can see things more clearly.

The full moon is a time where you will have light. It is part of the culture that people think the crazy and intense times come from. The moment of the lunar cycle where the energy is very extreme is the full moon and this can give you strong energy. It can make you feel sociable and allow you to push towards your goals. It can help you to have better relationships and to be able to understand things that are going on in your life. It can get out information that you have hidden, and it can open up your eyes and ears.

The new moon is a time for setting goals and starting something new, but the full moon is about a time to end something. Put the plans that you had into fruition and reach your goals.

The full moon is a time where you need to get rid of things that are holding you back. Release bad habits and get rid of relationships that don’t help you. Use the benefit of the full moon to work deeper with yourself and to let go of things that are no good for you.