What Psychic Ability Do You Have?

Psychic Ability

People don’t often realize that they have psychic giftings. They have intuition but they think that it is just something they were born with. Even though media, movies and other things show psychic giftings to be things like reading a crystal ball, gifts come in different styles and shapes and can be very subtle.

There are six different gifts that people can have, and they are called the clair gifts. If you have these gifts, you might not even have realized it until now.


A person that is clairvoyant is someone that has clear seeing. This means that they are able to use their senses to “see” things such as visions or images. Some people just seem to know things, and this often happens when they see things like colors or shadows.

Even if you don’t have this gift, it doesn’t mean you aren’t psychic. Keep reading.


One that is claircognizant is a person that has clear knowing. They seem to just know things without being able to explain why. This is a gift that people often think is just a personality trait.

A person might be analytical and try to find out why they know things, but the truth is, this is just a gift. When you have deep thought and you get an idea on how to solve something or you come up with creative and great ideas, you might not even realize that it is because you are claircognizant.

You can know things such as what other people are feeling or something that is going to happen before it does.


One that is clairsentient has clear feelings or can sense things. This is a gift that means that a person is likely very sensitive. Some call this empathy gifts. This can mean that you are sensitive to the emotions and feelings of those around you. Your mood or your feelings might change when you go into a crowded room or when you don’t even know or understand why.

If you are someone that struggles with your emotions and you get hurt easily over things people say, this can be a sign that you have this gift. You might also be able to know what someone is feeling when they walk into a room or if someone is lying to you.

This can be a physical sensation as well such as when someone is sick or has a headache or a disease then chances are you feel the same symptoms that they have.


One that is clairaudient is able to have clear hearing. This can show up with sensitivities to sounds. If you are in a loud place and you get easily irritated by the noise, this can mean you need to be grounded and your gift is coming out.

Sometimes you might have a buzz that goes in your ears or a high-pitched sound. This can come out of nowhere and this is a sign that your guides are talking to you. Maybe you hear your name being called or you hear something telling you not to do something that could be dangerous.


This is a gift of clear smelling. You might have this gift when you are in a place where someone has died. You might smell the perfume of someone that passed away or smell cigarettes when someone had smoked in the past.

People with this gift have a distinct smell that they feel, and this can come when a person is around a place where someone died.


A person that has Clairgustant abilities have clear tasting. This is similar to clairalience but instead of smelling, you taste things.

This can even be feelings of things such as anxiety or depression. You might have certain tastes in your mouth of the same things that someone that passed away ate or drank.


Even if you haven’t used your gifts yet, it is never to late to stop. You can practice these gifts and you can learn to get good at listening to your gifting and your intuition.