Can You Fall in Love at the Same Time?

Can You Fall in Love

The best situation when it comes to love is that you and your partner fall in love with each other at the same time. But sometimes when you start showing interest first, he might wait before he starts showing interest back to you.

Here are some reasons that it can be hard to love each other at the same time!

  • He is with Someone Else

One thing might be that you met a guy that you’re interested in, but he is committed to someone else. He might seem distanced to you, but the truth is that he might not be able to let go of the other person. She might be holding him back from being with you.

If he is dating someone or he has been dating for a while, you will see that he might be stuck with her. This can happen if she is someone that is suicidal or someone that he really has respect for.

Men aren’t always able to move on from a relationship that they are in and even if you show interest and he is interested in you, it might not be the right time for either of you.

  • Gay or Bisexual

Another reason he might not return your love is because he is gay or bisexual. He might be afraid to tell you the truth behind this and sometimes he will even marry someone of the opposite sex so that he can hide this.

These men are good at hiding their real feelings because they are afraid of being judged or being treated poorly. It can be hard for a woman that spends time with someone like this because they might not ever be sexually attracted to them, and they might feel that they aren’t good enough.

Make sure that your committed relationship is with someone that is straight. Here are some signs that he might be hiding his sexual orientation:

    • He doesn’t like characters on films that are gay.
    • He doesn’t want to meet your gay friends or family.
    • He doesn’t read books about people that have gays in them.

These are some signs that he might be hiding what is really inside of him. Be respectful of his feelings and know that he isn’t trying to hurt you.

  • He Isn’t Into You

Chances are a man will show you that he’s interested if he is. He will show you that he cares, and he will first and be romantic with you. Of course, if this isn’t happening it doesn’t mean that he won’t get interested in you down the road.

Some guys go slow when it comes to being in love with a woman and if you feel that he is not interested at first, you can give up and move on or you can try again. If you want to peak his interest, ask him to go to the coffee shop or ask him if he wants to go to the movies.

He might get to a point where he will call and text you and tell you that he wants to see you again.

  • He Is Scared of Intimacy

There are some men that are afraid of their emotions, and they don’t want to get that intimate with someone. They might be someone that has had trauma or someone that has had poor relationships in the past.

They could be afraid of becoming dependent on you and if you leave them then they wouldn’t know what to do. Most of the time that people won’t commit has to do with their past and the things that caused them pain.

You have to go deeper with this person, and you have to find out what is causing them to struggle. If you need to, work on yourself first and make sure that you’re being open and kind.

You don’t need to be with someone that isn’t going to give you what you need. You might need to nurture yourself more and let him figure out who he is and what he wants.

  • Thing’s Changed in His Life

He might have had some change come along such as a new job or he might have lost his job. If this happens it can be hard for him to settle down and deal with things at the time. He might not feel that he is in a place to have love with you or to be in a relationship with you because he knows he can’t give you what you need.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t be ready to date you down the road. You can wait for him, or you can live your best life while you see what happens to him. Show him that you are willing to give him time but don’t feel bad if you don’t want to do that. You might feel rejected at first but don’t let it be that way for you.

  • No Future

A man that doesn’t see a future with you will likely not be with you. He will not be able to give you what you want now or ever. He will not see that there is hope for you to make it long-term.

If you’ve been out on dates with him and you have never held hands or kissed, then there might not be any chemistry there. If he is seeing someone else though or if someone makes him feel insecure about your relationship, this can be another problem.

There are many reasons that a man might not want to be with you, and you need to find out why. If it isn’t going to work out, then the best thing that you can do is to consider yourself lucky that he let you go before you get your heart broken.

  • Sexual Needs

One reason some men won’t commit is because their sexual needs aren’t being met. You might be dating him, but you might be with someone that is dating other women at the same time. There has to be some kind of sexual intimacy in a good relationship and if he feels that he isn’t getting this with you then he might not be interested in risking being with you.

Make sure that you are compatible with the person that you give your heart to.

  • He Isn’t Ready

Some guys just aren’t ready to commit to anyone. They like their freedom and they like doing their own thing. It could be that they are in a relationship already and they need time to move on and to heal. They might need more time to get over the breakup than they have had.

Another reason could be because they aren’t emotionally or mentally ready to commit to anyone right now, but the thing is, that can change. As you talk to him and you listen to what he is saying, look for signs that he might be ready for you.

Let him open himself up to conversation and learn to just listen. He has to be comfortable with you if you’re ever going to make the relationship work.

  • You Remind Him of His Ex

If a guy went through a bad breakup and you remind him of his ex, he might steer clear of you. He might be uncomfortable with pursuing a relationship with you because of this. But if you have the qualities his ex-had that he liked, he might want to be with you when he gets to know you more.

He might have dated women that liked to party, and he is interested in being with someone that doesn’t like to go out so much and wants to spend more time just together or he might have dated someone that was very sexual, and he wants things to go slow.

You need to be yourself and show him who you are. Don’t be someone else just to make him see you.

  • He Wants Sex

Instead of making a commitment, there are some men that just want to have sex. If he is losing interest in you and you are continuously sleeping with him, it might mean that he just wants to have sex and it be it.

He might be someone addicted to sex, and he might have a hard time finding other women that want to sleep with him and so he found you and it works for him. Don’t let this make you feel bad but if you want more commitment then you need to let him know that you aren’t interested in that life.

  • Moving Fast

If you’re moving too fast in the relationship, he might not be confident in being with you. Rushing things before the time can cause a relationship to fail before it ever gets started. The best thing is to take things slow and to not try to get a commitment out of him. Let him be confident in who he is and let him ask you out first.

  • He Doesn’t Want to Commit

Some men have issues of committing with anyone and anything. This could be because they have gotten hurt, and they aren’t interested in that happening again. He might hide from dating someone because of that situation.

  • He Values Your Friendship

There are times that relationships don’t go further than friendship because your friend values you too much and they don’t want to lose you if the relationship goes bad. It can be hard to make things work romantically with your friend.

You can’t force this guy to be with you, but you can be there as a friend with him. If you have been talking and flirting for a long time, he might eventually want to give it a try but be patient.

  • You’re Too Different

If he finds that you’re way different than him then he might not be interested in pursuing, you. He may be interested in you, but he might find that you’re just not compatible. He might be someone that is very outgoing where you’re an introvert. He might be confident and need someone by him that is the same.

Men that have commitment issues though will find excuses to not date someone and so it could be either situation. If you really want to be with him then you need to be aware of where he stands and what to do next.

  • He Doesn’t Know You

One major thing is that someone might not feel like they know you enough to date you. Even though he might be attracted to you, he doesn’t really know you yet. He wants to find out if you have the same aspirations before he ever pursues you.

The best way to fix this is to spend a lot of time with him and tell him about what your goals are and what you like. You might feel comfortable with this to the point where you can talk freely but even if you don’t, be more open.

Let him have time to see if he can be interested in you or not. If you put in effort to connect with him, he will see it and he will appreciate that if he has any feelings for you.

Final Thoughts

Maybe you are interested in someone and then out of nowhere he seems no longer interested. There are many reasons that this can happen. You have to first figure out what the problem is and what you can do to fix it.

Work on improving yourself first and then work on improving your relationship even if it means just being friends. As you embrace your relationship with him you can see that you can help him to get past his insecurities and he might just start having feelings for you!