Showing Him He’s Losing You

He’s Losing You

There are things that you can do when you are in a relationship and your partner doesn’t make you feel that you are worth the time. Being in a relationship can be even more painful and lonely than being single sometimes. This has to do with times that he isn’t giving you attention or spending time with you, and it makes you wonder if you are making a mistake.

You can make a guy realize that he is going to lose you in this relationship. You want a man that is going to show you appreciation for who you are and what you do and if he isn’t showing you interest or appreciation then this means that he isn’t giving you the affection that you deserve. Some relationships are one sided and even if things seemed good at the beginning, as time has gone on, he might have stopped giving you what you need.

If you are the only one that puts time and effort into the relationship, then you need to try something new. There are some ways that you can show him that if he doesn’t change then he is going to lose you, and this is how:

  • Be Ready to Walk Away

If you have a partner that isn’t going to give you what you need then you need to be honest and upfront and let him know that you are going to walk away. Being honest and letting him know that you aren’t going to live the future like this will open his eyes, hopefully.

Talk to him about what you are feeling and find out if he is committed to you. Talk about how he is being distant and that he isn’t giving you what you need. Tell him you won’t stay in the relationship if things don’t change and if they don’t, move on so that you don’t even up even more hurt.

  • Stay Strong

Stay strong and don’t let him take you for granted. People sometimes don’t even realize that this is happening until they sit back and think things over. You need to communicate what you are feeling and then distance yourself. Let him have time to think about what you have said and if he doesn’t want to show you the love and respect that you want and need, let him go.

  • Put Yourself First

You have to put yourself first sometimes in a relationship. Having self-care doesn’t make you selfish. You need to stop ignoring your own needs and take care of yourself. If your man isn’t taking care of you then you need to do this for you and stop doing it for him.

  • Don’t Be an Option

You might be with your partner but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay with him if he isn’t going to love you like you deserve. You aren’t obligated to stay in this relationship. If he makes you feel that you aren’t worth love, stop giving him what he needs and move on. Tell him what you are feeling and that he isn’t the only option that you have.

  • Become Busy

When you have a partner that things, he is the center of your world, he might take you for granted. If he isn’t showing you the love that you need then it might be time for you to become busy.  Start doing hobbies that you want to do and put other things first in your life.

  • Change Your Style

Find something new to wear and get a new haircut and make things new for him. Change into something different and new and let him be surprised by your new look. Don’t ask him for permission, just see if the surprise opens up his eyes.

  • Don’t Reply Fast

What do you feel when you call or text him and he doesn’t give you an answer back? Or what if he takes hours or even days to respond? Maybe you need to start doing the same thing to him. Let him text you and then don’t respond to him for a few hours or a few days.

This doesn’t mean that you have to ignore him but put whatever you’re doing first and then whenever you get to responding, do it then. This can cause him to realize that he is losing your attention and he will want it back.

  • Don’t Always Put Him First

Stop always trying to please him and give him what he wants. Don’t give him everything when he is giving you nothing. Pull back from what you do and let him see that he needs to appreciate you and your effort more.

  • Find Friends

If you don’t have friends, find some and if you have friends, spend more time hanging out with them. Find people that enjoy being around you and that want to show you off and show you how important you are in their life. This will show him that you don’t have to depend on him to be your companion but that you have other options.

  • Be You

There shouldn’t be a relationship where your partner is controlling you or making you be someone else. If he doesn’t like who you are, let him go. Don’t let him manipulate you or force you to be someone else. Let him realize that you have worth and that you are important as you are.

  • Other Options

Do you show up for him whenever he wants to be around you, but he only wants to hang out with you when someone else isn’t with him? Does he choose his friends over you? Does he spend all his time with other people and doing other things?

If you are always showing up for him as a second option, then he will see you as that. Don’t be convenient for him and if he loves you, he will learn to stop taking advantage of you and your time.

  • Move On

Let him know that you can move on and that you can enjoy your life with or without him. Even if you love spending time with him, that’s great but you should also be able to have fun with others. If he doesn’t want to give you his time, show him that you can move on because you have other people that you can have fun with.

  • Don’t Show Interest

Stop showing him that you are so interested in him. Let him see that you no longer get excited about him being around and that you are losing interest in what he does and who he is. Let him see that he needs to do something to get your interest back.

Limit the physical and emotional intimacy that you have with him and let him feel tricked into wanting your attention and that he can’t take advantage of you.

  • Show Him Who You Used to Be

You don’t want to be with someone that takes away who you used to be. Remind him who you are now and who you used to be. Let him know that even though things changed when he came into your life that you were living a good life before he came, and you will live a good life without him.

Remind him that you are mature, and you are strong and that you and be independent and you don’t need anyone. No one wants to lose a woman that is strong and confident.

  • Don’t Discuss the Future

If you and your partner started talking about the future but he isn’t interested in that right now, you need to stop talking about it and talk about the future like you will be on your own. Let him see that you are important and that you can move on without him.

Don’t discuss the future and see if this makes him react a certain way since you aren’t bringing it up anymore. If he asks you about it, this can be a time that you can talk about his attitude towards you and how much it hurts you.

  • Texting Him

Love isn’t always something easy and people that are dating will have ups and downs. If one of the partners start losing interest, it can make the other person feel rejected or alone. If you feel that he no longer is interested in you, you can show him that he is going to lose you when you text him. This can make him see that you are serious about moving on.

Love can be a strange but great thing and if you have a partner that is there to life you up and care about you then you will see that love can be good. Love should never feel that you are fighting a losing battle. Your emotions should not be hurt, and you shouldn’t always be having to expect things from your partner that they aren’t giving you or feel that you aren’t ever going to get the love and care that you deserve.

A relationship that feels frustrating or insecure might not be one that you want to stay stuck in. If you are unhappy and your needs aren’t being met, you can give him another chance, but you need to let him realize that he is losing you. This is a way that you can see if he is really in love with you or not.

Will He Know He Lost You?

A man will realize that he has lost you when he slows down and really looks at his actions. He will see that he should have acted and responded differently.

Making Him Know Your Worth

You need to let him feel what it feels like to not have you. One you do this; he will see that he misses you and he will realize that you are valuable.

How Long Does it Take for Him to Realize Your Worth?

It can take guys different times to realize that you were worth it, and it can depend on who the guy is and how strong the relationship is.

What If You Move On?

If you choose to move on, your ex might come back to you but if he has already moved on to another relationship then he might not come back. Take this as a good thing and a freedom that you might not have had otherwise.