Are You Clairsentient? Find Out!


There are many clair gifts in the psychic world and these are gifts that let you see beyond your five feelings and into a sixth sense. Clairsentience is one of these gifts and t his is when you have clear feelings, and you are able to pick up the emotions of people and places around you.

People that have a lot of intuition and are able to manifest things are often clairsentient. Someone that has this power is someone that is usually very empathetic and can pick up on things even when no one is talking about it.

Sometimes people have this gift, and they don’t even realize it until someone tells them to look deeper at what they are feeling.

Here are some signs you might have the clair gift of clairsentience!

  • You Know People Right Away

Right when you see someone you might feel like you know them and what they are going through. You will know if someone is lying or if they are being dishonest with you immediately.

  • You Feel Drawn to the Spiritual World

People with this gift are drawn to the spiritual world and they love things like fortune telling or using tarot cards or crystals.

  • People Come to You with Problems

There are people that come to you and tell you personal things about themselves for no reason. They feel that they can trust you and talk to you and this helps them to heal.

  • You Get Overwhelmed

Those that have this gift often get overwhelmed when they are in a big crowd because they are picking up energy from every direction. This makes them feel overwhelmed and overstimulated.

  • Empath

Most of the time if you have the gift of clairsentience, you are an empath. You are someone that is highly sensitive and emotional.

  • Feeling Spirits

Clairsentience are able to feel spirits around them and will know when the spirits are by them or when they enter the room.

  • Feeling Energies

Those with this gift aren’t able to just feel spirits but they can feel energies in a room. If someone was just arguing in a room and they walk into it, they feel these things.

  • Gut Feelings

Another feeling that clairsentients have is gut feelings. This is their intuition, and it guides them to make good decisions or to know if they are doing the right thing or not.

  • Knowing What to Say

If someone comes to ask for advice, a clairsentient is able to even finishing their sentences sometimes. They know what the person needs, and they know just what to tell them.

  • Feeling Overly Stimulated

When a clairsentient goes to a party or into a large crowd, this can over stimulate them and make them feel anxious or overwhelmed. This is because they are picking up energy from everywhere.

  • Being Self-Aware

Clairsentients know their environment and they know the people that are around them without having to be told. They are very aware of what is going on around them.

  • Too Sensitive

If you are someone that is told that you are too sensitive, chances are that you have the gift of clairsentience. This can mean that you are very spiritual and very open to the feelings that yourself and others have.