Soul Moon Phases and Your Soul Changes

Soul Moon Phases

The moon is one of the most important celestial bodies. It can help you to understand yourself and to understand your emotions. You can use the moon to charge your crystals or other psychic tools and you can meditate by the moon. The moon has different phases that can teach you more about yourself and your soul.

Soul’s Changes

People that know about past life experiences understand that the soul will change in different cycles. There are different times that you will have to do things so that you can master your goals and you will get different qualities in your life that will change with the cycles.

To understand where your soul is in your journey, you can look at when you were born and what the moon phase was. The birth chart can show you what the sun and moon have to do with who you are.

The moon sign can rule your emotions and the way that you live in your world, but it can also influence the way that you make decisions or that you express how you are feeling. You will come to a part in your life where you will see our soul evolving.

Natal Moon Phase

When you know your sun and moon sign it is a way that you can know what your moon phase was when you were born. You can use the sun and moon with the New Moon and when the moon is a full moon then it will be the sign opposite of what the sun sign is.

To figure out your moon phase, you need to figure out how many signs your moon sign is form the sun sign. Then you will be able to know what phase the moon was in such as the waxing or waning phase. If you want to know for sure, you can find calculators that give the moon phases online.

Soul Growth and the Moon Phase

Sometimes in the past life, there were times you would be reborn so that you could learn lessons in your life and figure them out. Once you are able to master your lessons, your soul will grow but this can take many different lifetimes to make it happen. The moon phase that you were born with is one that can help you to learn your lessons. There are different natal moon placements that depend on your soul growth.

New Moon Natal Phase

The New Moon Natal phase is one called the Instigator Phase. This happens because this is the start of the cycle, and you will respond to it by being unpredictable. This is when you are building a place where you have successes and failures.

Waxing Natal Phase

When your soul is in this phase it is the Escapee Phase. This is when you are in a pattern to know who you are and where you came from. You will have a separate beginning, and this is because you are developing spiritual muscles as you grow.

First Quarter Moon Natal Phase

This is the Activist Phase, and it is when you will move forward. This is a place where angels are afraid to go because this is a place where you are freed from your cultural assumptions, and you are setting up a place where people can find you.

Waning Gibbous Natal Phase

This is the Believer Phase, and this is the place where you have experienced things in your soul. You will be at a place when things are easier and that you will be more motivated.

Third Quarter Moon Natal Phase

This is the Changer Phase, and you will see that you are almost through your journey. This is where you will be renewed, and you will become successful. You will look the same as everyone else on the outside but one day you will decide you are starting over and leaving.

Waning Moon Natal Phase

The Prophet Phase is the last of the cycle. This is where your karma will show up and you will learn your lessons. This is where you will no longer be afraid to show people who you are. This is a short phase.

Progressing Forward

You will feel that you are making progress when you go through these stages. This will be a time where your soul will change and where you are learning lessons that will help you to be the best you can be. The moon is there to help you to find your path, no matter what phase you were born into.

Remember that the moon is responsible for your emotions and how you act. This is an important astrological experience that can help you to know who you are and to learn more about your past, present and future and how your life will be impacted by these things.