Letting Your Intuition Guide You


Intuition is something that is more than a feeling. This is a connection that you have with information that isn’t given to you. It is there to warn you and to guide you. Even though intuition comes without logic, when something doesn’t feel right, your intuition will tell you.

Clair Gifts

There are different clair gifts that work with your intuition. These are the main ones and they help you to understand what and why you are having the feelings that you are having:


This is a gift that allows you to see things in the spiritual world. You might see visions or you might use your imagination to know things. This can be part of your third eye chakra.


Being clairaudient means that you can hear things in the spiritual world. It is part of your mind and your inner ear and it gives you sounds of voices, thoughts and even music in your mind.


Someone that is clairsentient will have different feelings in their body. This can be a pain in the stomach when something doesn’t feel right, which is why it is often called a gut feeling.


Being claircognizant means that you are able to use your five senses to know when something is going to happen. You might know that you are going to see someone at the store that day or you might even know who is calling without looking.


A person that has the gift of clairalience is one that is able to smell things in the spiritual world. They are able to pick up certain smells such as cigar smells from their dead uncle.


This clair gift is one where you are able to actually taste something in the spirit world. This can be something that happens to you without you even knowing why.

The clair gifts can come and go fast and once you start to notice that you have them, you can develop them and make them stronger. The best way to do this is to meditate and to allow your thoughts to line up with your spiritual being.

You can raise your vibrational frequency and use your gifts without being distracted by things going on in the world around you.

Increasing Your Intuition

You can increase and be mindful of your intuition and here is how:

  • Meditation: This can help you to calm your mind and to build your intuition. Do this each day to increase your clairvoyant abilities.
  • Sit in a place where you are comfortable and close your eyes, listen to what your inner ear is saying and let your clairaudient gifts take over.
  • Ask yourself something and figure out where your energies are. If you feel tired or excited, pay attention to this. Pay attention to the people you are around and how they make you feel.
  • Ask your spirit guides to help you to figure out the things that you need to know. Use crystals and other things that can make you dream and bring you closer to your spiritual guides.
  • When you eat, notice the textures and see if you can taste the different ingredients that are in the meal. This can increase your Clairgustant senses.

Final Thoughts

Everyone has intuition and it isn’t to stress you out but to bring you freedom. Don’t work too hard on developing your gifts and work more on trusting your intuition and yourself. As you relax, you will see that you can let your intuition guide you.