Doing Beginner Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant Readings

Have you ever hoped that you would be able to get messages from the spiritual world? There are many people that are clairvoyant and while some think this is a great gift, others think it is a curse. Having the gift of a clairvoyant can be both good and bad. Sometimes you will get certain symbols and signs about things that are bad or depression like a medical diagnosis that might not be good. When this happens, clairvoyants often have to turn off their mind and some choose to not reveal these kinds of messages.

Understanding Clairvoyance

People have five natural senses of touch, smell, feeling, hearing, and seeing but those that are psychic have spiritual senses. Being clairvoyant means having clear seeing and this means that the psychic can see things in the spiritual world such as visions or symbols.

Being a Clairvoyant

Being a clairvoyant can be different for different people. Some will be able to see into the future and some will get messages in their dreams from the spiritual world. There are spirits that are there and ready to connect to a clairvoyant and the thing is, these messages can be good, but they can be sad sometimes too.

Each clairvoyant is their own person, and some will have prophetic dreams while others just see flashes of visions. Not everyone is the same and all the gifts can be different. Some might see the spirits and others might only hear them.

Gifts of Clairvoyants

Here are some of the gifts and abilities that clairvoyants can have:

  • Telaesthesia: This is when someone can see things from far away such as astral travel or remote viewing.
  • Precognition: This means having dreams of future events that haven’t happened.
  • Retrocognition: Being able to see into someone’s past.
  • Synthesis: Being able to see energies around people and places.
  • X-ray clairvoyance: Being able to see through doors or objects.

Medium Versus Clairvoyant

A medium is able to be a channel between a spirit and the natural world. They are able to communicate with spirits. This can be people that have died and want to give a message.

There are some clairvoyants that work with mediums so that they can share their messages with the spiritual world, but they don’t always consider themselves to be clairvoyants.

Psychic Versus Clairvoyant

A psychic is not always going to be a clairvoyant, but a clairvoyant will always be a psychic. Not all psychics are able to see into the spiritual world.

A person that is psychic has extra senses and can hear or see things that others can’t, and they often have one or more of the clair gifts but not everyone can. Here are the clair gifts:

  • Clairaudient: clear hearing.
  • Clairalient: clear smelling.
  • Clairsentient: clear senses.
  • Clairtangency: clear feeling.
  • Clairgustance: clear tasting.

Are you Clairvoyant?

You might be someone that is always getting lucky, and you are able to win things or to avoid dangerous things. Here are some things that can be signs that you are clairvoyant:

  • Always lucky: These are people that are always winning raffles and they aid danger. They find things like money and valuable things.
  • Animals avoid you: Some people with this gift often times have animals be nervous or avoid them.
  • Closing doors: Most clairvoyants like to have doors closed when they are in a room to help protect their energy.
  • Influential: You are able to influence people without being pushy.
  • Empath gift: Many people are empaths, and they are sensitive because they can see the emotions and feelings of others.
  • Psychic dreamers: They have dreams that usually come true.

Opening Clairvoyant Abilities

Everyone has intuition and people that are clairvoyant have this gift strongly. They are able to develop their intuition naturally and they have a strong trust in themselves. Here are ways to help you open up your clairvoyant abilities:

  • Concentrating: Practice concentrating on what you are thinking and if a thought comes to your mind, embrace it, and have control over it.
  • Meditating: Take time to meditate and get your mind calm. Relax and learn to stay focused. Practice this each day to become stronger.
  • Manifest: Manifest images that come to your mind and take time to think about these things. Don’t just let your thoughts run wild but be in control over them.

Getting a Clairvoyant Reading

Clairvoyant readings can be fun and exciting. If you choose to get one, always go in with an open heart and mind. Don’t let yourself be a skeptic and let down your walls so that you don’t stop the reading from working.

Remember, clairvoyants will have different gifts and styles and not all readings will be the same. You might have one tell you one thing and someone else tell you something completely different.

Connecting with a clairvoyant can help you to get a reading about your past, present or future. They can offer to help you understand things about your life and they can tell you a lot about your relationship and about what you need.

Always ask open ended questions when you go to a reading and avoid asking yes and no questions. This can help you to get detailed answers that you need.

Phone or Online Reading?

You can talk to a clairvoyant in any ways including over the phone or online to get the same kind of reading. A clairvoyant can pick up your energies no matter what platform you choose. Pick the kind of reading that you feel the most comfortable with and the best thing to do to prepare is to make sure that you have your questions ready before you ever get started. Have an open mind and have fun with your reading!