Are They Flirting? Find Out!

Are They Flirting?

Do you ever just wish that you could tell if someone is flirting with you or if they are just having conversation? You can look at your signs on the zodiac and find out what he or she might be thinking.

  • Aries

Aries is a flirty sign, and they are very direct in what they want. They will complement you on how you look or what you smell like. They like to go faster than other signs and they might want to ask you out after they meet you for the first time. You won’t even realize that you should be dressed up and then you will be going on a date with them. Once you catch their attention, you need to make sure that you are playing the game and being a little hard to get. Aries love to play the chase game.

  • Taurus

This is a sign that will be attracted to you, but they will come across that they aren’t. Y Ou won’t be able to always tell if they are attracted to you, but they will start being steadier in what they are feeling, and they will give sensual signs.

You will see that they will get close to you when you are at events, and they will be engaged in you and want to give you attention. Show them interest but don’t be overly attentive. Let them watch for the signs.

  • Gemini

Gemini’s are flirty and they want to do this by acting unexpectedly. They will become a bad boy even if they are nice just to show you a change. Sometimes they seem cold but then other times they might seem charming, and this is a definite change in their behavior. When you see this change, they want to play with you.

  • Cancer

The Cancer might come across as shy and not very flirty but once things start getting heated up, they will become direct. They like to ask questions and find out if someone is interested in them. They might want to find out first if its okay to kiss you before they try to seduce you. They will be happy thought to meet your needs when you get with them.

  • Leo

Leo is a lion sign, and they are ones that want to be the center of attention. They will often be dramatic, but they are also fun and love to be the life of the party. They will show you that they are interested in you when they start talking about the “two of you.” Don’t be extremely flirty with them though until you know if they like you or you might be spending all of your time with someone that just wanted to be flirted with and nothing more.

  • Virgo

Virgo’s are people that have strong minds and strong energy. They are very fun to be around, and they love to be in relationships. One problem though is that they are people that often send mixed signals even if you are direct in what you want. Getting to their intentions is easy to understand because they will start talking about details of love when they like you.

  • Libra

This is a sign that loves relationships. They are people that talk about love and romance, and they are suggestive about the future when they like someone. It can be hard to get the Libra to commit to you so if you like someone that just flirts, it can be them. If you want more, wait, and see if there is a real interest or else it is probably just casual.

  • Scorpio

A Scorpio will flirt when they find someone intense and sexy. They will be determined to get you and to make you fall in love with them. You will know that they like you when they look deeply into your eyes. When a Scorpio invites you to go somewhere with them, they probably like you.

  • Sagittarius

The Sag loves to flirt but getting serious with someone is something completely different. They like to play the field and if you want to find someone that is going to be committed, it won’t always be this sign. The Sag wants to feel that they are in control and so if they are constantly flirting, they are probably ready to commit to you.

  • Capricorn

Capricorn’s are interested in someone who is accomplished. They like to talk about things like professional endeavors and to understand how someone is successful. They will show you that they are there for you when they like you but sometimes, they are not so flirty as they are formal. This is just part of their nature.

  • Aquarius

This is a sign that is unpredictable. You might not know if they are flirting with you or if they are just trying to get your attention for a minute. They love to talk about things like philosophy or politics and if you want to get their attention, try this. Sometimes they will be direct about their desires so don’t be taken off guard if they tell you.

  • Pisces

This is a sign that will flirt with you, and you will know it. They have strong intuition, and they will always make a strong plan when they need to do something. This can end up being a conversation that they are having about the weather but then it will turn into something flirty. You can listen to their intentions and be clear about what you want by dropping cues.