When He’s Married and Likes You

When He’s Married and Likes You

Connecting with other people is important but when you are connecting with people that are married, there can be an attraction that happens, even if you don’t mean it. When this happens, the person that is married needs to think through this kind of confusion and make sure to not cross any kind of lines.

There are people that often think that married people cannot be friends with someone who isn’t married. There isn’t really a rule on who you can or can’t be friends with, but the problem is that this kind of relationship needs to make sure to be a healthy and friendly relationship, nothing else.

There are times though that married people will get an attraction to a friend. This can cause there to be problems in their relationship with their spouse and in the friendship relationship. If your friends with someone that is married and they start to develop feelings for you, there are things you can do to make sure that this stops.

Being a Friend or Being Attracted to Someone

Being friends with someone that is married might make you feel nothing different. They are probably just like all the other friends that you have, both male and female. You respect that he is married, and you don’t feel that attraction to him at all. But, if you start getting mixed signals or signs, you need to figure out if he is starting to get feelings for you.

It can be hard sometimes to tell if there is someone that likes you for just being a friend or if they like you for more. You need to be comfortable enough with this person in order to talk about this if you feel that some other feelings are coming.

Being a friend and having an attraction can seem like the same thing. When a man likes you or is attracted to you, they might touch you more or they might stare at you. He might try to be more intimate with you by talking or complaining about his wife or his relationship.

If you aren’t sure what his behavior means or if you think he is starting to be attracted to you, you need to discuss this so that you can stop it right away. After you talk about it, if you feel that there are still these feelings, you need to decide what to do next.

Are They Attracted to You?

Here are some different signs that your friend might be starting to be attracted to you:

He Puts His Time with You First

Even though friends like to spend time together, if he puts your time over everyone and everything else, he might feel different than just being a friend. A married person should always put their family first and a friend should come later.

If your married friend is not doing things with his family or he is thinking of you first over everyone else, this might be a sign that he likes you more than just friends. Putting friends first sometimes is a good thing but not when it is always happening.

There can be times when you spend time with your friend, and this is normal such as if you work together or if you do activities such as sports or exercise together and this can mean just a good friendship. But, if you see that he is always putting you first, pay attention.

Body Language Attraction

You can notice if a guy likes you by the way that his body language is. He might be showing himself to be dominate in his body language or he might try to be closer to you physically. If he keeps touching you, putting his hands on your arms or shoulders, patting you or puts his feet towards you when he sits by you, it can mean that he might like you.

He might also laugh when you tell a joke or always be smiling or staring at you. If you are hanging out with your friends family or spouse and he acts less open towards you, this can be a sign that he is trying to hide the feelings that he has for you.

Giving You Gifts and Showering You with Complements

Friends should be kind together and they should give gifts like at birthday parties or if they find something that stands out to them. They should also be kind to you and should say nice things to you.

But, if you notice that your married friend is always saying sweet things to you or always giving you gifts, it can mean that he is giving you too much attention. Gifts from a married man can have a different meaning if it is something silly or if it is something that is personal. If he is always noticing things, you like and giving you gifts from these things when it is outside any occasion, this can be a sign he is attracted to you.

Pay attention to the gifts that he gives to others. If he is a gift giver, this can be normal for him but if you are the only one on the receiving end, this can be a sign to pay attention to.

Talking About Marriage

A married man might bring up his spouse because he loves her but if he is always complaining about his wife or he is talking about divorcing her to you, this is not a good thing to get involved in. If he starts talking to you about his love life, he might have stronger feelings for you than you realized.

Married people will show their love to people that the like. If he asks you about your relationships or if he gets too personal about your romantic life, this can mean he is attracted to you. Another big sign is if he gets jealous if you mention people you crush on.


A married man shouldn’t be flirting with you. If he is, he is just trying to see if you like him back. He might do this by “joking,” with you but you need to see if this is really a joke or if he is being serious.

Flirting can be making eye contact, smiling in a flirty way, or touching you. Always pay attention to how he looks at you and how he acts around you. If he is always staring at you, he is probably attracted to you.

Getting Help

A married person flirting or changing his feelings towards you can make you uncomfortable or it can make you frustrated. No matter how it makes you feel, you can talk to someone about how he is acting and see what they think.

Talking to a therapist or a friend about that person can help you to realize if you need to get out of the friendship or if you are just seeing things wrongly. Make sure that you talk to someone if your friend is making you uncomfortable because you don’t want to get involved with a married man.

Final Thoughts

When someone married changes their feelings from friendship to romance, this can be a bad thing. If your friend becomes attracted to you and you notice the signs above, make sure that you discuss these things with them and tell them where the friendship stands. If they don’t listen and they keep pushing, ending the friendship might be the best idea.