Using the Crystal Ball to Ask Questions

Crystal Ball

Being a crystal ball reader means that there will be many questions that people ask. What kind of question would you ask if you could get a crystal ball reading? What would you want to discover about yourself?

Crystal Ball Readings

People that are psychics or fortune tellers will often use a crystal ball to reach a different level of their giftings. They crystal ball is not just a joke or a toy, but it is a tool that can help you to see your future.

Using a crystal ball is not easy either and it can give you different side effects such as being disoriented or dizzy. This is a kind of tool that you should use with care.

The crystal balls are not all the same colors, and they use different kinds of crystals. These tools can come in different colors such as cobalt blue obsidian, rose quartz pink or more.

Asking Questions

When you are a psychic and you use crystal ball reading, you will be doing what is called scrying. This is when you gaze at a surface that is clear, and it acts like a mirror. It allows you to go into a trance and you are able to see images.

Do not think though that it will help you to win the lottery, get rich or to travel around the world, even if your psychic tells you that. Ask the psychic questions about your future and about what kinds of changes you can make to better your life.

When you get a crystal ball reading you need to talk to your spirit guides and find out about your past, present and future.

Asking the Crystal Ball

Here is what happens when you ask the crystal ball questions:

  • They will put their hands on the ball and ask the question and go into a trance.
  • They will remove their hands and look at the crystal ball and see if they see some kind of image that is to do with your question.
  • Once the image goes away, they will move the crystal ball away from themselves.
  • The reading will be completed, and they will close it down.

Do not ask questions while the psychic is looking in the crystal ball because this can interrupt the current question and make them come out of their trance.


You can talk to the psychic and ask them to help you to have strong intentions before you ask questions. This can help you to manifest your dreams and help you to recharge your life.

You can even use your own crystal ball and have a psychic do a reading with you over the phone.

What to Ask

You need to ask questions that have to do with the desires that you have.

Using Affirmations

Use the PPP to do affirmations:

  • Positive: Say what you want in a positive way.
  • Present: Look at your present life and see what you already have.
  • Personal: Make sure your questions relate to you.

Using Your Imagination

Use your affirmations and recite what you want to say and ask. Do this each day for the next month and see if you get what you want.