Use Palmistry to Decode Longevity

Using Palmistry to Decode Longevity

“How long will I live?” is a common question for individuals.  People also are curious to know when and how it all end.  All these questions and more can be revealed through palm reading, otherwise known as palmistry.

Your life line

The life line is one of the most commonly known terms in palmistry.  Typically running from the edge of the palm, between the thumb and the forefinger, it extends downwards to the base of the thumb as it nears the wrist.  These lines vary between people.  Some individuals have faded, short, long, broken, or nonexistent lines.


Life line will never tell you exactly how and when you are going to die.  Any psychic claiming this power is a liar and trying to con you out of your money.  Similarly, it is a misconception the size of one’s life line can tell how long or short the life will be.  Surprisingly, the length of one’s life line is unrelated to longevity.  Scientific data shows 40% of individuals 75 or older possess short life lines.

The true power comes from how the quality and texture of your life actually reveals the state of your health!  Your life line indicates your current health status, vitality, energy, and struggles you have endured.  If you possess a poor life line, your health may likewise be poor.  Yet, a strong life line conveys you are likely to enjoy a healthy life and thus properly live a long time.

Flip up your palm now to understand your life line.  What terms would you use to describe it?  If it is short, consider saving energy throughout your day.  If you notice a broken line, this shows you toil at work and enjoy staying busy.  Your daily actions, experiences, and other forces (such as accidents or illnesses) can alter the quality of your life line.  Only these influences and actions, like your health, will dictate your longevity, not the size or quality of your life line.

It is important to realize your life line is ever changing.  As your body changes, so to do your palm lines, this includes your amount of physical activity of your hands.  When you focus on your health, you will help improve your longevity.  Other lines in your palm like the fate line, head line, heart line, and the line of Mars are all interconnected and influential in understand your long-term health outlook.

Understanding longevity

It makes sense that you want to know how long you will live, and you desire your life line to answer you concerns.  Looking at your life line helps you see how you are caring for yourself.  It helps you process your physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Consider how you are prioritizing your wellbeing in your life currently.  Are there any bad patterns you can alter?  Have you been taking too many risks lately?  To determine how long you will live, you must turn from your life line to address your bad habits.

Work to remain as active as possible.  Find balance and understanding with yourself through self-care practices like meditation and ample rest.  Try ensuring you spend time with as many people as possible and stay far away from any energy vampires and you can enjoy a long, joyous, and healthy life!