Are You Becoming a Psychic?

Are You Becoming a Psychic?

Do you suddenly feel as if you are constantly seeing vision? Do you suddenly notice clouds or colors floating around other living creatures? Are you besieged by lights and movement in your peripheral vision? Do you experience images or visions when you are meditating?

All of the above are signs of “clear seeing” or, as it’s commonly known as clairvoyance. Not only is this the best-known psychic power it is also the easiest to develop.

Five Signs That You Are Clairvoyant

You should be aware that this “Clear seeing” will show itself in very subtle ways. Very few people will see something as far-reaching as the end of the world or other major life event.  You may have had some clairvoyance already but not noticed because of its subtlety

Seeing light. You may be seeing a mere flashing of light or notice and aura around a plant, animal, or person.  Some see auras that are seen as color, or it could be just light.  This aura may not be seen as a complete circle.

Seeing visions.  Seeing a vision is not as it is show in the movies or on TV.  Some psychics do see spirits from other planes of existence. Most will see visions in their mind’s eye.  They may see something akin to a movie trailer that gives them a full, clear vision of an important message.

Strong or lucid dreaming. Having a dream that you are able to control and direct is sign that you are clairvoyant.  If your dreams seem to be very symbolic, keeping a dream journal will help you find what your vision is trying to tell you.

You are a visual learner. If you are learning and your learning style leans towards needing pictures, chances are good that you have some level of clairvoyance.

You appreciate beauty. Your vision and ability to perceive the world is especially sharp.  If this sounds like you and you surround yourself with the visually pleasing, you may have a leaning towards clairvoyance.

Developing Clairvoyance

You can train your clairvoyant skills by meditation and focusing on your inner eye.  Meditate as usual and concentrate on the part of your mind between your eyes. Ask for consultation on a specific question that you have.   Sometimes rocks, minerals and gemstones can help you develop your clairvoyance through mediation.

Don’t try to decode you images and messages immediately.  Record these in a journal. Don’t be surprised if the images are unclear.  Don’t concentrate with your sense of logic. Let the images sink in and let the meaning emerge.

If you want to work on your visualization technique, try to imagine specific everyday objects in great detail. This will help you recognize things you may be missing.  You can also try to imagine things that are being projected on a screen as if they are a movie.  Notice the details about those things as well.

Using Clairvoyance in Daily Life

You can use your newly developed skills as a way to clarify goals that you have set.  You can also use this to help your friends and family.  You probably won’t see any visions that are truly disturbing or dangerous.  Remember that these visions can’t hurt you.

If you do see visions for other people, remember that you may not get a clear sign. You can decide if it is important to tell them about your vision or keep it to yourself for a later time.

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