What It’s Like to be an Empath


People that are empaths are generally very sensitive and they are tuned deeply into their emotions. Empaths feel the emotions of everything around them and they are surrounded by the energies of things and people. Empaths are giving people and they are spiritual in their being. They love to listen and no matter what you are going through, they will try to help you.

Empaths know what they are feeling and sometimes they try not to take on the feelings of other people. Even when things are hard, empaths are often found trying to be positive. They want to have love and peace and they try to avoid the negativity that leaves them feeling tired and exhausted.

Empaths have to deal with different people such as energy vampires that try to make them fearful and to hurt them. They try to defend themselves and sometimes they become vulnerable in their body and their spirit. They are sometimes fighting against negativity, and they become overwhelmed and are often seen as loners because they have a hard time finding the right kind of partner.

When an empath is dealing with stressful emotions, it can cause them to feel depressed, sick, to get addicted to drugs and alcohol and to have other symptoms that cause them pain. Empaths will sometimes have to do things that can free them and to make them feel better. Do you wonder if you are an empath? Ask yourself these things:

  • Am I overly emotional?
  • If a friend is sick, do I feel sick too?
  • Do I get hurt easily?
  • Do I feel overwhelmed?
  • Am I nervous?
  • Do I have a hard time with small talk?
  • Do I need alone time?
  • Do I try to find ways to cope with my emotions?
  • Am I afraid of intimacy?

If you answered yes to at least three of these question, then will see that you are probably an empath. Learn to take steps to keep your emotions in check and to care about yourself.

Finding Balance

If you are an empath, you have to find balance. Learn to take time alone and to have quiet time. Doing this can give you peace of mind and can help you to reduce the overstimulation that you will feel each day.

  • Always meditate. Do this each day for a few minutes so you can focus your energy on positive things.
  • Know that you are sensitive and be careful with boundaries. Learn to say no to people and you do not even have to explain why you do not want to do things.
  • Spend time socializing but do not overdo it. If you have a hard time being in crowds, ground yourself before you go out. Stay away from big parties and big groups.

If you feel overwhelmed by the perfume people are wearing, ask your friends and family not to use it when you are coming over. If you cannot get away from it, stand by a window or door so you can have fresh air.

When you overeat to get rid of your emotions, learn to practice eating healthy or meditating instead of binge eating. Make sure you have a space in your house that you can go where you won’t overeat but where you will spend time relaxing and calming down.

Figure out how to keep yourself covered so that you do not get overloaded in your emotions. Learn to cope with what is going on in your life so that you can feel safe and do what the universe wants you to do.