Becoming More Empathetic

Becoming More Empathetic

Many people wonder what the difference is between a lightworker and an empath. There are people that have strong emotions and that love the world and there are people that are both empaths and lightworkers.

Empaths can learn to step into the light and become more confident, embracing themselves and becoming lightworkers. Being a lightworker is being someone that has worked towards being their true self. This can be someone that has walked on a long journey and is now finding their way.

Empathetic Lightworker

You are unique and special if you are an empath, and you have special gifts in your life. You are not just empathetic, but you are kind and caring, loving, and sweet. You are able to pick up on the emotions of others and you are able to tune into their needs.

You are not meant to be in a life where you are protected from the world around you, but you are meant to be empowered and to face the world without fear. When you label yourself as an empath, chances are you are basing this on your emotions.

Empath Mode

Being an empath means that you feel everything and that you are very emotional. Some empaths have the need to protect themselves from other people because they feel unsafe in the world. Other empaths feel that they cannot face the world because the emotions of others cause them to be upset or drained.

Some people that are empaths find it easier to hide because putting themselves out in the world can be harsh and hurtful, this can make them feel unsafe.

Living in fear can cause you to miss out on the gift that the universe gave you. Outer fixation means that:

  • You have energies of emotions of those around you.
  • You may not recognize who you are.
  • You are helping others to heal.
  • You want to see people grow.
  • You give your power to others so you will not be hurt.
  • You hide who you are so that you can feel good inside.


When you work on changing who you are, you lose who you are. Once you realize that you are affected by your emotions, you learn how to change your life and how to help others to live a positive way.

Since you are often focused on who you are, it can cause you to miss out on your personal growth. Going into survival mode means you are trying to figure out how to survive in the world and you are missing out on helping others.

If you are not able to be in control of everything, be in control of yourself. Learn to figure out who you are and focus on what an empath is and how it affects your life.

When you want other people to make you feel good or to validate you, here are the kinds of people you will attract:

  • Manipulators.
  • Abusers
  • Unhealthy people.

Your emotions and your relationships will be affected by who you attract in your life. When you attract people like the ones above, here is what happens:

  • They take away your energy.
  • They become friends fast but ignore your boundaries.
  • They expect you to lose your own needs and take care only of them.
  • They put down your goals.
  • They make fun of your skills.
  • They make you feel that you are not good enough.
  • Do not let others empower you and learn to feel good about who you are. Learn to give your power only to yourself and no matter what you are promised by other people, let your experiences guide you.
  • Create your world from inside of you.

Within and Without

Being an empathetic lightworker means you have strong gifts, and you can help others around you. This gift only works when you are connected to your true self.

When you connect to the lies that you believe about yourself and you allow them to store in your heart and mind, you will not be empowered to help others and you need to learn to release these things and stop being confused by your past and those around you.

What you believe in yourself has to be positive. Stop listening to the voices that are telling you that you are not good enough or that you will not amount to anything.

When you create illusions about yourself here is what is happening to you:

  • You have painful experiences over and over.
  • You believe things that people have said about you.
  • You accept negative relationships.
  • You let your light dim because you want to believe what others say.

Heal and Release

You must heal and release the lies that people have told you if you want to embrace being a lightworker. You will feel safe and learn to use your gifts, but you can only do this when you step out of the world and stop worrying about what people around you are saying.

Focus on who you are and learn to love yourself. Learn to release things that are unhealthy in your life. Get rid of fear and trauma that is holding you back.

Figure out how to create less drama and trauma in your life and learn to be calm and at peace.

True Self

Your true self has power, and you are the creation you are meant to be. When you partner with your true self you become part of the universe and what it wants. Here are things that you share with the universe:

  • The light you have.
  • The source of your life.
  • The divine aspects of you.
  • Your soul.
  • You need to heal and recrate your life and think of the positive things that have come to you. Learn to focus on what is inside of you and to change what you need to change. Work with yourself and learn to connect with nature and with the universe.
  • You are safe and supported and you can be who you are meant to be.


You need to get to a place where you are meant to be. You are not the reason other people have feelings. You are only responsible for your own feelings and actions.

Being your true self means that you are calling yourself important and changing hat needs to be changed in your life. A real lightworker will help others see their own light.

Fully Healed and Changes

When you begin working on yourself, you do not have to be fully healed to change. When you begin to heal, the world will change and will help to bring your healing.

The change will happen as you move through life, but you cannot stop the world from changing. Go out into the world and let your light shine. Be who you are meant to be.

If you feel this then you need to know and understand that being a light worker means that you are meant to help others but first, you have to help yourself.

You need to embrace your gifts without being afraid. Learn to be a part of the world of empathic lightworkers who have learned who their true self is and who have gone on a journey of love and hope.