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Clairvoyance, Imagination and Curiosity

download (3)Know the importance of the clairvoyance, imagination and curiosity in the new world. How does it affect the new world?

It impacts everything.

Curiosity asks, “I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where people get along with each other? A world at peace? That would be so nice.”.

images (2)Clairvoyance is made richer and more powerful by the ability to be curious. Curiosity is one of the greatest tools a clairvoyant has to work with. A beginning clairvoyant is taught to open up that sense, to begin asking questions like, “I wonder what this is that I’m seeing?”, or “I wonder what comes next?”.

Like a detective who is open to discovery, looking but not expecting, curiosity helps you become an explorer, a creator, an inventor. Curiosity can be used to see from a place of neutrality, non-judgment. If you expect to see something, it may be difficult to see something else. You might be in judgment about what you WILL see, and forget to be open to what you ARE seeing. If what you are seeing doesn’t make sense to you and you go into judgment about it, zap!, that quickly you are no longer looking from your clairvoyance.

download (2)Imagination gets to work and voila! a new vision is formed, one of a peaceful world. Clairvoyance, in action, is visualizing and creating that world, and making it real.

It can be easy to discount your own vision, and dismiss your imagination as being “only”. However, your imagination is one of your most powerful spiritual tools. If you believe the lie that the world happens outside of you, you won’t get to contribute with your powerful imagination to help create a beautiful new world, one that you’d like to live in.
Contrary to popular belief, the world is created from the inside out, not the top down.

Spirit comes first in everything, and the world is formed from the spirit, out. Your imagination, curiosity, and clairvoyance are all part of you the spirit. So you’re more powerful than you might have previously imagined.



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