Signs of Being Psychic

Signs of Being Psychic

Being psychic is an amazing ability, but not everyone has it. Still, there are some people who have psychic abilities and do not realize this is what they embody. Below are a few signs that will help you know if you have psychic tendencies.

Two Glasses of Wine Make You Insightful

There are some people who are suddenly able to see a solution to some problem when they finally relax and are not trying to actively engage their minds. This could be as simple as taking a shower and suddenly coming up with a solution to a work issue or having information come to mind while meditating that solves a home issue.

Scientific research has shown that these practices, like yoga and meditation, change our brainwave activity, quieting the frontal lobe. However, they also appear to open people who are psychic to even deeper levels. Psychic abilities can often remain quiet until we are quiet and then they emerge.

These flashes of insight may even arrive after you have had a couple glasses of wine, in say 90 minutes, when you suddenly have great insight into things people have not told you about, but you still know accurate information. This is a strong indication of physic ability, even though you may write it off as being overly emotional or tipsy.

New Friends Appear Red or Blue

Psychics tend to perceive people differently, typically because they have synesthesia in which the senses are swapped. Perhaps you have met someone new and associate them with a flower, color, or landscape right away or hear music surrounding them. These flashes of sensory perception are typically internal but are clear. Most people never discuss them because it would sound odd.

Your Gut has Saved You

We all have gut feelings, but if your strong gut feeling has helped you in some way then you may have psychic abilities. Perhaps you had a strong feeling to stop in a store at a specific time and suddenly found an item that you have been searching for in your size and at a discount.

Maybe you have suddenly decided to take a different way home or delay your trip a few minutes and find out that when you normally would have been in the area a wreck occurred. Though we all have these intuitive pulls, a psychic has them in a clearer, more defined manner. It may feel like a magnet pulling you in a specific direction. This clear knowing feeling is called claircognizance.

Dreams Seeping into Your Waking Life

There are times when we dream and then the dream shows accuracy in our waking life. Perhaps you dreamed a deceased relative was talking about a bracelet they left you and the next morning you find the bracelet that had been missing right where it was in your dream. Maybe you are awake and daydream about getting an award only to find out a few minutes later that you have won something. You may dismiss these instances, but they may continue which points to you being psychic.

Each of these occurrences and premonitions are called meaningful coincidences or synchronicities and reveal that you are psychically attuned to the universe. Be mindful of these events because they can help us be more aware of others and the world around us. Being psychic is nothing to fear, but it is something to be honored.