Viewing and Cleansing the Aura

Viewing and Cleansing the Aura

Energy is contagious, and since every living creature is a sensitive being, it’s entirely possible for another being’s energy and feelings to stick to you—even during even a brief or casual interaction. If somebody emanates negative energy and it adheres to you, it can block your intuition, and even cause unpleasant emotional issues. These things happen because your aura can absorb their energy.

Auras are fields of energy that surround bodies and reflect current emotional states and vibes. Auras reflect the state of your thoughts, emotions, and desires. And as with all of those things, auras must always be cared for.

In addition to somebody else’s negative energy, many other things can impact your aura, including the stresses of daily life. It’s important to shield your energy from negativity because it’s important to keep your spiritual and magical channels clear at all times.

If you notice that someone else has brought your energy down and is affecting your aura, here are a few helpful tips to cleanse your aura and get rid of the negativity.

Viewing your Aura

Since auras are visible, there are several ways to see your aura. All of these techniques require mindfulness and concentration, as well as a white or neutral-colored wall or background.

For the hand-rubbing technique, sit upright in a chair and hold your palms together. While gently rubbing your palms together, close your eyes for about a minute. Pay attention to the energy and warmth you’re creating with your hands. After about a minute, open your eyes and hold your hands apart at the same time. You should be able to see your aura around the edges of your hands.

For the meditation technique, face a white wall, hold out your hands from your body, and spread out your fingers. Focus on your fingers and hands and meditate on them for about a minute. With practice, you should be able to perceive your aura.

To see someone else’s aura, absorb their essence by staring at them for about a minute. This works best if they’re sitting still in front of a white or neutral-colored wall. After staring for about a minute, close your eyes and silently focus on their personal energy. Finally, open up your eyes again and focus intently on their face. You should be able to perceive their aura.

Reading Your Aura

Here’s a brief list of what the different aura colors symbolize.

  • Red—vitality and passion.
  • Orange—courage and willfulness.
  • Yellow—happiness and optimism.
  • Green—peacefulness and empathy.
  • Blue—sensitivity and creativity.
  • Indigo—clairvoyance and intuition.
  • Violet—mysticism and spirituality.
  • Pink—kindness and gentleness.
  • White—balance and harmony.
  • Grey—weariness and sadness.
  • Black—metamorphosis and transformation.
  • Brown—gluttony and selfishness.

It’s common to exhibit multiple auric colors at once. A mixture of colors simply means that more than one energy is at play.

Cleansing Your Aura

Do you anxious? Lethargic? Empathetically blocked? Or perhaps you simply don’t like how someone else’s energy generally feels. Your intuitive state picks up the energy of others, so their gossip, jealousy, resentment, and anger can cause negativity to build up in your aura. Brown, black, and grey tones in your aura signal that your aura needs to be cleansed.

Here are some pro techniques to do this:

For the light-washing technique, close your eyes. Inhale and exhale in deep breaths through your mouth. While continuing the deep breathing, hold your hands as though they’re wings, opening in the shape of the letter “V.” Next, visualize colored light filling your hands, overflowing, and washing over you. Gold light is ideal for this visualization, but any color you imagine will be just as effective.

The rose visualization technique begins the same as the light-washing. Roses are supernatural symbols of protection and healing, so instead of light, you’ll visualize a circle of six large roses beginning at the top of your head, encircling both sides of you and behind you. Request the roses to begin their work to clear negative energy that your aura may be harboring.

For the moonlight water ritual, you’ll begin by charging water under moonlight. Simply fill a clean jar or bowl with water and place it outside in the moonlight. Next, add some healing crystals (such as rose quartz or amethyst), several drops of lavender oil (for psychic protection), and several dashes of sea salt (for cleansing).

More important than those physical ingredients is your intent, so the ritual will still work just fine no matter what you add. So, as you prepare the mixture, focus on cleansing your aura. In the morning, decant the water into a spray bottle and spray yourself with it. Begin in a counterclockwise motion around the top of your head and continue up and down around your body. Really douse yourself—don’t fear getting wet!

The smudging technique provides an amazingly deep, extra-intense cleanse. Set dried herbs such as sage, palo santo, myrrh, and frankincense in a fireproof vessel in a space where you’ll be able to totally envelop yourself in smoke. Ignite the herbs, then extinguish the flames to a smolder. Pass the smoking vessel from the top of your head down toward your feet, surrounding yourself with smoke. *Two quick safety tips when smudging: Don’t inhale the smoke and be sure the embers are completely extinguished when you’re finished. *

A spiritual rinse is an extremely effective technique for aural cleansing. Take a shower, then mix up to a cup of Himalayan pink sea salt into a gallon of comfortably warm water. Use the saltwater to rinse yourself from the neck down. While rinsing, imagine that a bright light is surrounding you and drawing out any negativity.

Magic is for everyone, and a clear aura can serve as a guide to get you in closer touch with your authentic self.