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Working with Your Angels and Their Benefits

Angels and Spiritual Beings have been accepted in all faiths, religious and paths of spiritual thoughts since the beginning of time. Connecting with Angels brings us back to that natural state of joyfulness that lies within each and every one of us. They inspire us with the peace and happiness which comes from trusting their communication and guidance.

Made of Love

3b6d32c0e968f3d42ef727f30ad93d78Angles are made of love. They are your messengers, guides, encouragement, supporters, miracle workers, calming agents, instructors and protectors. When you have a thought, the universe goes into action and begins to align with the vibrations you have sent out. Remember, all your thoughts create your life! If you think fearful thoughts, your life will be filled with fear. Always be sure to think from a place of love and postivity if you want to have positive experiences and help from your angels.

How to Communicate 

Try not to block your angels out. If you do, it hinders your progress. Be very open and receptive to inviting your angels in. You can do it with prayer, meditation or another thoughtful act. Just find some quiet time and sit and talk with them. You can speak to you angels out loud, or in your own head. The just love to be invited into your life, so make communicating with your angels a daily part of your life.

images (23)You can also communicate with your angels in your dreams if you ask them to. I have done this many times. Ask them to bring you messages that you will remember once you’ve woken up. You may want to keep a dream journal close by so you can record your angels’ messages. You can look up the elements they’ve presented to you in a dream dictionary.

Crystals are also a great way to communicate with your angels. Some of the best conductors include clear quartz, petalite, danubrite, labradorite, selenite and serphanite and will bring them near to you. There are several other crystal conductors, but I recommend starting with these.

Look for Signs

There are several signs that tell you your angels are near. You might suddenly pick up the scent of something sweet, like roses. You might find a feather or hear music and you don’t know where it’s coming from. They will try to get your attention in numerous ways!

improve-lifestyleEnhance and Enlighten Your Life

Working with your angels enhances your life in many ways, but you won’t know just how enhanced your life will be until you start communicating with them. Whether your issues are trivial or significant, your angels are happy to help you figure things out.

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