Ways To Achieve Claircognizance

Do you always feel like you don’t have a clue? Wish you knew more about what was happening around you? It might help to practice Claircognizance.

Claircognizance, or clear knowing, is when one knows something without being told.  This is an extra sense that relies largely on instinct to give you information, such as the ability to discern the truth or a lie or what is about to happen without getting any specific input.

This clear recognition comes to people through their own psychic ability that appear to them as thoughts.  The information appears in their minds as an inspired idea or intuition that appears out of nowhere. There is no tangible basis for this knowledge.

Where Does This Knowledge Come From?

Your intuition or  important inner feeling or knowing about things that just comes to you is part of your Claircgonizance. This  information comes to you out of nowhere. You may have some personal information about someone you just met, or sense that someone from your past is trying to reach you.  This is something that you just know. Some believe this knowledge is given to us by spirit guides, or angels or any being from the spiritual plain. This  Claircognizance can also come from within yourself.

No matter where it comes from, the access point is through the Crown Chakra.  Everyone can access this energy through their Crown Chakra.  The Crown Chakra is located on top of your head.  Knowledge and information from the spiritual plain can come directly to you through your Crown Chakra .  In order to receive  this  information, the Crown Chakra must remain open.

Metaphysical records can be found in the Akashic Records. This is an entryway in which the information can be accessed from the physical plane. These records are said to contain every bit of information from the entire human experience and encompasses all history of the universe.

Signs of a Claircognizant

Claircognizants are usually analytical.  These are people who wish to  understand the universe.  They know they have intuitive abilities.While they may not realize they have this ability, the generally begin to understand their gift and how to use it.

Do you sometimes know what is going to happen before it does? Do you know what someone is going to say before they do? Can you tell if someone is telling the truth? If so, you may be you Claircognizant without being aware of it.

3 Ways to Develop Claircognizance

1. Automatic Writing:

A good way to develop your natural ability is to practice automatic writing.  Clear your mind and sit with a blank piece of paper and a pen in your hand and just begin to write without making an effort or actually thinking. Write the first things that appear in your subconscious.   This practice will help increase the flow of knowledge coming through you.  What you have written may make no sense, but you may also come across some great insights.

2. Setting the Intention

If you truly want to develop claircognizance, you need to set the intention  Begin  by being aware that you want to gain more knowledge and insight.  Say this out loud as you approach your writing or meditation. This kind of positive affirmation helps to develop psychic energy. Wish for guidance and it will come to you.

3. Meditation:

Not only is meditation good for developing your psychic ability, it is a good way to help your focus your mind and prepare your spirit.  Meditating helps remove distractions and help you clear your crown chakra to receive  knowledge. Some find it helpful to visualize a funnel open outward from the top of the head ready to receive.

Clearing your mind will help you develop your claircognizance and you will be able to use your abilities to direct your thoughts to have inspired ideas. Recognizing the clarity and intuition you gain will help you focus your gift.