Using Clairvoyance for Gaining Clarity

Using Clairvoyance for Gaining Clarity

When we enter a time of doubt and confusion, we may feel it would be nice to “see” into the future to understand what is coming. When these hit, many people turn to clairvoyants and psychics to find some clarity on their situation to end these feelings. Clairvoyance is defined as clear seeing or an ability to see beyond what is considered normal sensory input.

It is focused on sight and visually perceiving the things that are not normally revealed. A clairvoyant may be able to visualize someone who will come into your life soon, someone already familiar to you like friends and family, or some symbolic representation of the past, present, or future.

Being Clairvoyant

Clairvoyance is like when we close our eyes and visualize something, familiar or otherwise, to create an impression. When you imagine your dream car or some new machine you would like to invent, this is visualization. A psychic impression looks similar without the purposeful visualization aspect. A clairvoyant may have their eyes opened or closed and can hear your voice until a visualization or impression appears.

This can happen almost instantaneously. A clairvoyant psychic may just catch a glimpse of a person, place, or thing that is meaningful to you as part of the reading. Psychic impressions come quickly and without thought. The psychic cannot try to see something specific, or it does not work. They must simply allow the space in their mind so it can be seen.

From Clairvoyance to Clarity

Professional clairvoyant psychics spend years learning to tune into psychic impressions and discerning the meaning of each. Providing psychic guidance to those who are seeking clarity is a highly rewarding element of the job because of the combination of energetic connection and the gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience, plus the opportunity to help people find peace.

When you work with a clairvoyant psychic, you are able to validate the psychic and symbolic impressions of the reader to bring increased clarity to a given situation. When you develop your own “clair” abilities, you can partner with your psychic advisor to trade impressions and uncover unique meanings for yourself.

Meditating for “Clair” abilities

There are three main “clairs” that are focused on perception. These include clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), and clairsentience (feeling) that all involve an ability to perceive in sensitive ways. We all have these capabilities, though some will develop at higher levels than others.

They can be strengthened through awareness and practice. Learning about these abilities will help you open up to them more. Try taking a class or workshop in psychic development to enjoy time around other interested and open people. Whether born with an awareness or gained through certain biological differences in the brain, we can gain from this practice and deepened knowledge.

One way to strengthen the “clairs” is through meditation. This allows you to still the mind and become perceptually sensitive. We can see, feel, and hear more clearly than normal when meditating. Think of it as a clear glass jar filled with water and sand resting in the bottom inch. The jar is the mind, and the water is clarity.

Most of us disturb the clarity through thoughts and busyness, shaking the jar the entire time we are awake. This muddies the mind. Meditation helps us stop the shaking so we can stabilize, and the sand can rest, and clarity is restored. This allows for clearer seeing, hearing, and feeling.

To meditate in order to make room for clairvoyance, first commit to the practice on a regular basis. Try five minutes, five days a week to start. Then minimize distractions in the area and follow the steps below:

  • Sit Comfortably – Find a posture that allows a sense of connection with the seat below you. Let the spine lift in an upright and easy manner.
  • Feel the Body – Take a few minutes to feel your body and think about the sensations. Tune into specific body areas and consciously relax them one at a time. Feel the tension, then the relaxation.
  • Focus on Breathing – Feel each breath moving in and out while keeping your mind focused. If it wanders, bring it back to the present and each breath. Feel the air on the edge of your nostrils as you breathe in and out.
  • Pay Attention to Stabilization – As you continue to meditate, notice the sensations in the body and the relaxation. This is the sand starting to settle and rest. This is the mind returning to clarity.

With time and practice, the clarity will flow in your life. You will notice things other have missed, feel what others cannot, and hear what is being ignored.

Clarity to Clairvoyance

Coming to a psychic reading already tuned into your inner voice can amp up the accuracy of the reading. There are a few exercises to use to enhance and strengthen your awareness ahead of time.

Write Down Impressions – When you encounter someone or something while awake, meditating, dreaming, or even daydreaming, do not overlook it. Keep a book nearby and jot down the image and the feelings you associate with it. As the day progresses, check the accuracy of the feelings.

Believe What You See – When you have a dream or vision, believe it is true. Do not be afraid to share these, even if others do not believe you. Sometimes the meaning does not become clear for a while which is why collaborative readings are best. Working with someone to determine the meaning of a vision is helpful and often impressive.

Instinct Over Emotion – Emotion comes from the mind, but instinct is of the spirit. Our emotions are the same age we are, but the soul is eternal and has more to say. Listen to the soul when it speaks.

What lies within us is fascinating and natural. We simply have to build the skills over time to truly enjoy them.