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Understanding Energy to See Auras

Understanding Energy to See Auras

A lot of people find auras fascinating, but you need to understand energy and how it works before you delve into looking for auras.

Energy is in us, around us and through us. It can be powerful. Knowing how to draw on it and use it intentionally is where psychics and mediums are different from everyone else.

There are three types of energies:

  • Earth Energies
  • Cosmic Energies
  • Auric Energies
  • Earth energies are those that come from the planet. Energy from animals, flowers, grass, and even ground. Those who are empaths will understand the feeling you get when you go to a natural park or site and feel a particular vibe about the place. That is earth energy.

Cosmic energy is what the universe sends out. It is generated by what some call the universal mind. It manages the order and is also in charge of the chaos. This is the energy people credit with ideas, motivation, and creativity.

Auric energy is produced by a thinking human. It is conscious energy. This is your aura. The unique thing about humans is we are a combination of all three energies and the combination creates a PSI signature. This is what gives your aura the different colors.

Which One is Most Used?

True psychics consciously use all three but. Accepting how energy works and using it for how it is intended is part of being a psychic. Everything, even objects, has an aura. It is a type of mist with color. With humans, our auras are created as we radiate our thoughts, spirituality, and feelings.

To develop your sense of auras, first, you need to cleanse your energy. Water is a great resource for this by either swimming, showering, or taking a bath with sea salts. Water channels energy and the salts absorb toxins. This will remove any negative feelings and keep your energy clear.

Developing your sense of aura will help you protect yourself spiritually from what is known as “psychic vampirism.” These are people who suck your energy. Another benefit of reading auras is learning to keep balance and clarity in your life.

How to See Your Aura

Seeing auras is a natural ability all of us are bone with, but we tend to lose it as we grow older. Even though we lose that gift, we can rediscover it and put it back into our lives. The first key thing is to relax! Dispose of any preconceived expectations about what you think you will see. Some are more psychic than most who also see spirits in their peripheral vision, so don’t let that alarm you.

As far as the process of seeing auras goes, there are some techniques you can use to see them. Follow this technique to see your aura.

  1. Relax with your hands out in front of you. Your palms should be facing up. Now soften your gaze.
  2. Focus on an object for a minute. It can be any object in front of you. It doesn’t matter what it is, a notebook, a pen, a piece of jewelry.
  3. Take in everything about the object and its nearby space. Relax and look away.

At this point, you may see an imprint of sorts left by the object. You should see the object and its aura. There may be a bit of fuzzy space where the object was.

  1. Now, look back at the object. Keep a soft, relaxed gaze. Focus on seeing the haze around it. You may only see it in your head, what psychics call the mind’s eye, instead of physically but that is okay.
  2. Finally, practice this regularly with both objects and people. You can do this casually with people by not directly looking at them but absorbing the whole scene they are in. You can also try looking at their nose or forehead and that may allow you to see their aura peripherally.

After practicing for a while, you should become more proficient at seeing auras. From there, you can continue to develop more psychic abilities.

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This energy field can help to figure out what a person is feeling, what emotions they are having and how their spirit and health is. The aura is made up of different colors of energy and these are shown through thoughts and feelings. The colors change depending on what is going on in the body, mind, and emotions. If someone is feeling gladness or joy, the aura will be bright and full of colors but if there is anger or sadness, the colors might be clouded or dark. The aura is made up of different layers including the etheric layer, the physical layer, and the spiritual layer. The etheric layer is where your emotions are while the physical layer is how your health and your body are. The spiritual layer has to do with your spiritual wellbeing. Your aura is affected form energy form people and from where you are. You can pick up energy off of people and off of objects or environments. If you have ever been in a peaceful environment or surrounded by people you love, you will feel happiness. This happens because your aura is bright, and it is full of positive energy. When you are in a room of angry people or a large cloud, you might become nervous or stressed and this is causing your aura to be cloudy. The aura is there also to protect you from negative energies that surround you. It will help you to absorb the negative energy that will affect your mind, body, and emotions. When you have a strong aura, you can protect yourself from the negativity of others and your environment. If you feel happy or excited, you will be motivated to work. People are made up of a physical, spiritual, and emotional body. When these things are working right, you will work well at your job. Your health can cause you to be sick or to be tired. This can happen because of the negative energies that are surrounding you. This will stop you from being as productive as you could be. Healing Your Aura A psychic that has the gift of reading auras can help you to figure out how to heal your aura. When you are going to a reading, the psychic can see what kind of things are going on in your aura. They can tell if the aura is damaged or if it is strong. The aura is there to protect you from negative things, but it cannot help you if the aura has holes in it. An aura can get torn because of energies and it is up to your psychic to help heal you. When you have a hard time understanding why you have lost your motivation, talk to a psychic. After an aura cleansing, chances are you will feel better and get excited about your job again. Aura healing can help you to get rid of blockages in your life and allow positive energies to flow through your body. When your aura is healed, it allows you to focus better and to be stronger. Conclusion Your aura can even be healed if you do a long-distance or phone reading. Energy is not held back by time or space and so if you do not have a psychic close to you, call one. This is a reading that you can do right form your home. Your psychic can give you advice on how to heal your body and your mind and how to be motivated at your job. The environment that you are in can affect your aura and so a psychic can help you to know how to make your environment stronger and how to take care of your life in your home and at work. If you are having a hard time being motivated at work, talk to a psychic and see if they can help you to find your motivation.

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