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Understanding Aura Colors

Understanding Aura Colors

Auras are a multiple layered energy field emitted by your body.  They reflect your physical, emotional, and spiritual state.  Clairvoyant individuals are able see a person’s aura and depending on its color, it can reveal detailed insight about you.

Aura layers

  • Physical layer: The layer nearest to one’s body.  Information can be gained about a person’s physical body and health.
  • Emotional layer: This layer resides roughly 1-3 inches from the body.  Insights can be gain about feelings, thoughts, and emotions.
  • Spiritual layer: The outermost layer and can be 2.5 feet away from one’s body.  Details about one’s spiritual life and connection to the Divine can be obtained.

The different layers can contain different colors that reflect various aspects of your life and your needs.  When a psychic reads your aura, they are looking at the color from each level to give you a total picture of your current situation and concerns.

Significant of aura colors

  • Red: Reflects your heart and physical body. Bright red indicates a health ego, whereas dark or dull red can mean negative energy like anger, resentment or anxiety exists.
  • Orange: Signifies reproductive organs and emotions.  Bright orange connotes excitements, whereas dull orange signals laziness or diminished emotions
  • Yellow: State of one’s life force. Sunny yellow reflects optimism, inspiration, and wisdom.  Positive sensations of a yellow indicate joy, vibrancy, and confidence.  Negative feelings around a yellow aura foretell jealousy, anxiety, and fear.
  • Green: Importance of nature, or issue with heart and lungs.  Bright green signifies balance, growth and opportunity.  Muddy green can warn of possessiveness or conflict.
  • Blue: Governs the throat and thyroid.  Rich blue can indicate care, love, and empathy.  Beware of dull blue, mistrust is happening in your life.
  • Indigo: State of the pituitary gland or third eye.  Signals wisdom, intense sensations, and intuition.  Haziness can signify stress or poor self-esteem.  Dark shade reflects isolation.
  • Violet:  Governs the nervous system.  Tendency towards artistic, visionary, and intuitive skills.  Paleness cautions an impaired drive or stamina.  Dullness warns of depression.  Dark shade shows a wish of perfection.
  • Black: Transformation ahead.  May also mean inability to forgive, repressed anger or grief.  A positive interpretation reveals the person is being protected.
  • White: Purity, truth, balance and new energy.  The individual is healthy.  Misty white can show an inability to assist other beings.
  • Silver:  Abundance of money or spiritual gifts.
  • Gold: Enlightenment and Divine love.  Bounty of wisdom, peace and spiritual talents.

Importance of auras

Auras can fluctuate based on thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Positivity produce bright, vivid and cheerful colors.  Conversely, negativity like sadness, anger or blockages, will dull or produce dark colors.  An aura’s color can alert to problems or blessings in one’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual state.

Using clairvoyants to read your aura

Although at times you may see your aura, clairvoyants can analyze what these colors mean.  Aura readings show what is currently transpiring in one’s life, their personality, inner wisdom, and wellbeing.  Dull colors can tell psychics that you might be physically or mental sick.  By understanding your condition, you can begin to take appropriate steps to correct your wellbeing.  Using a psychic to read your aura can help you process feelings and emotions that are lingering and cleansing your energetic field.  Together you can work on a strategy to help begin improving your life that day.

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