Signs You Have Lived a Past Life

Signs You Have Lived a Past Life

People often wonder how they can know if they have lived a past life or not. Here are some signs that you have lived a past life:

Remember that your soul is not born and never dies. It lasts for eternity and rebirth and energy will happen all around you. This will shape you and change the way that you see things.

There is growth and there is death but when there is death reincarnation is there to help you have life. Some have experienced different sensations that show them that they may have been reincarnated.

Phobias and Fears

Some people are afraid of things for no reason, but the truth is this could be trauma from a past life. If you find you have a strong fear or phobia, chances are you have lived a past life.

If you are afraid of drowning or afraid of certain places, this could be part of your past life regression. You can see a psychic and they can help you to see why you have these unexplained fears and how they are related to your past life.


If you keep having the same dream over and over, this could be a sign. We have dreams as part of our unconscious thought and when you have dreams that show your fears and trauma, this could be something your brain is trying to fix.

Some people feel that dreams are not related to anything while others believe they are related to the past. If you have a dream and it seems familiar or you are in a familiar place that you have never been, this could be signs from your past life.

Déjà vu

Déjà vu has happened to most people but when you find it happening over and over again, this can be part of your past life experience. This is a feeling you have been somewhere, or you have done something before.

Attraction to A Time, Place or Culture

Do you love a certain culture, or do you feel attracted to a certain time era?  Do you feel that you have a connection with a certain place? If you love to read about history and be part of it, this could be part of your past life.

Kids and Memories

Kids will sometimes seem that they have memories. These memories that people have can be in great detail till the age of 3 and then people tend to forget. If you have a child that keeps telling you about a place they have been, listen to them because they might be talking about their past life.


Precognition is when you are able to see into the future. This happens when you have visions or dreams or certain feelings or sensation.


Retrocognition is the opposite of precognition and can be the ability to get information from the past. This can include reincarnation.

Older Than You Are

Some people feel that they are older or more mature than others their age. This could mean that you are an old soul meaning that you have been reincarnated a bunch of different times.

If you feel mature or older than you are, this can be a sign of your past life. Look at your life and see what kind of qualities that you have.