Psychic Abilities to Awaken You

Psychic Abilities to Awaken You

Psychic abilities are there with you when you are born but this does not mean they are open and developed. Your gifts can open at any age. Even though you are born with these gifts, they will not strengthen if you are not encouraged to use them.

At any time though, your intuitive awakening can happen, and you will realize that your abilities have begun to open up. Here are some ways you will know:

New People

When you become aware of your spiritual being, you want to begin hanging around new people. You will want to make new friends and you will see the world differently than you did before. You’ll get to the point where you feel like your soul is waking up and getting bigger.

You will be excited about things that are going on around you and your relationships will become more meaningful. You will want to discuss spiritual things and get in depth with your thinking.


Even your eating habits will change, and you will want foods that are healthier and lighter. Eating good foods can help to increase your vibrations and you will want to go on this eating adventure because raising your vibrational frequency will help you to feel better in your mind, body, and spirit.

New Abilities

You might come to a point where you really feel your intuition working. You might feel that your guides are always with you, and you might always be getting signs that you are no longer ignoring.

No one is new in the spirit because we all are born with it, but the psychic gifts might be new to you. Learn to see how your gifts work. Understand your signs and your intuition and figure out where they are coming from.

Third Eye

When your psychic gifts are showing through, your third eye will awaken. You might feel tingling between your forehead, and this is natural. This means that your clairvoyant and other clair gifts are becoming stronger. This is where you receive information through the spirit.


You will develop your giftings and this will make you become more sensitive to things around you. Your clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and your other clair gifts that help you to hear, see, feel and more in the spirit will become stronger and open up more.

You might understand that one of these gifts are stronger than the others.

More Tuned

When you sense the spirits around, you will realize this. This means you are on your way to be a medium. You might feel the spirits or have different images or words pop into your mind. Maybe you are even seeing visions of people that have died.

This is the spirit world connecting with you. Embrace this.


When you are awake, you do not always allow information to come to you because you are so busy. But when you sleep, your logical brain and your awareness are heightened, and they come out in your dreams.

If you are having vivid dreams, this can be a sign that your psychic gifts are becoming more powerful. Write your dreams down in a journal.


When you are opening up your gits, you will feel different when you are around certain energies. You might wonder why you are having these feelings, or you might find that you have a hard time listening to the news or being around negative things. People that have gifts often are able to feel the emotions of others and this can be powerful.

You can also feel the good energies, and this can be great for you. If you find you are around drama and you begin to feel bad, your spiritual life is getting stronger, and you have to learn to understand what you are feeling.


If you have ever exercised really hard and then you would wake up sore, this is similar to people that have their psychic giftings opening up. Once you start using your gifts, especially if you have never used them or it has been a long time, you might begin to have headaches.

These will eventually go away, and you can help this by making sure that you are centered and that you are grounded. You might have to meditate more and adjust the things you do. Try taking a walk-in nature or a salt bath to help you feel better.


You now know a little about what it is like to have your psychic gifts to open up. If you are new to this, know that it can be uncomfortable at first but opening up these gifts is a good thing.

You are picked by the universe to have these gifts so learn to know that you are wonderful and embrace these new abilities.