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Open Your Third Eye And See The World Beyond Naked Eyes

Without a doubt, you can boost your own psychic abilities just by developing your own natural power to be a clairvoyant. What clairvoyance means? It means “clear seeing” or in other words, it means that you can see the present, past and future for your own or others. We all have the same power inside, no one was born different than others; all you need to do is to learn how to increase your clairvoyant power and then you will see how this becomes a reliable tool for your daily life.

For you to learn how to open your third eye and to be a clairvoyant, you need to practice every day following some simple steps, the same way you do when learning any other topic in your life. Here, you will find some easy to follow steps that will help you to enhance your ability to see your future.  All you need to do is to follow them, doing it consistently, every day in order to enhance this ability in you.

Seven Simple Steps on How to Open Your Third Eye

How to Open Your Third Eye Step #1 – UNBLOCK

The first step is to allow yourself to open your third eye! Some of us maybe have experienced some psychic visions, but our minds and our fears block what we saw or do not accept this could be real. In order to give yourself a permission to be a clairvoyant, you need to release those feelings and this could be done just sitting in a relaxing place, focusing your attention in your breathing and then repeating any affirmation like for example: “I allow myself to open my third eye, I release any fear that is blocking me RIGHT NOW!

How to Open Your Third Eye Step #2 – CONCENTRATE ON YOUR THIRD EYE After releasing your fears, breathe deeply three times focusing in your third eye chakra (located between your eyes). Try to see a horizontal oval shape between your eyes(do not force it, just try to see it, it’s ok if the first time you do not see it; continue practicing and soon you will get it); Notice if your third eye has its eyelid closed, partially open or open. If you notice that is closed or partially open, ASK it to open. Reaffirm that you are ready to release the fear of seeing psychically. Once your eye is open, you will feel lots of love; you will re-encounter with one part of yourself that was blocked and lost.

How to Open Your Third Eye Step #3 – NOTICE YOUR IMAGES

As soon as your third eye opens, you will start watching some pictures or images that come to you in different ways like black and white pictures, some with movement, others just as still images, or you can notice full color scenarios or just cartoons. It could be inside your mind or just like if you were watching a TV show or a picture album. How to Open Your Third Eye Step #4 – WATCHING BETTER

Once images appear, they will come in small sizes or fuzzy and vague. To get a better look, ask the image to enhance and appear bigger and brighter. To do that, you can say something like: “I ask you to be clear and big NOW!” Do this with all your power, with all your intention and the images will start increasing their size. If you are not able to do that, you can repeat again your affirmation: “I allow myself to open my third eye, I release any fear blocking me RIGHT NOW!”

How to Open Your Third Eye Step #5 – INTERPRETATION

When you are able to see the images, you need to understand what they mean in order to interpret them and use that information. At this point, if you can’t easily understand what those images are trying to tell you, you can invoke your Angels and spiritual guides and ask “What do these pictures are trying to tell me?”. You will either feel the answer or receive any thought. The spiritual guides and Angels want you to increase this psychic ability, so they will send you the answer in different ways until you clearly understand it. (if you can’t understand, you can continue asking until you get it).

How to Open Your Third Eye Step #6 – BELIEVE

This is the most crucial step: BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU SEE AND HEAR! If you just think this is your imagination and do not trust, you will lose a lot of opportunities.

How to Open Your Third Eye Step #7 – WRITE

Keep a journal where you can write down about the images and pics you are watching and their meanings; this is very important, especially if you are just re-opening your third eye and getting confidence in your psychic abilities; after reading your journal later you’ll discover how reliable and real your clairvoyance is.

NOTE: If you know what exactly you want to see, you need to be very clear before asking; sometimes the universe don’t understand our questions, so you need to be very precise about what you want to see. If it’s something about your past, ask exactly if you want to see what is going to happen with your career, for example. Always ask precisely what you want to know, not about general things.

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