Dreams of a Clairvoyant

Dreams of a Clairvoyant

Everyone dreams but not everyone remembers their dreams. Are you someone that is gifted with psychic powers, and you have psychic dreams? Have you had dreams that seem prophetic for you, and you wonder if you are able to dream about the future?

Some people are able to have clairvoyant dreams which means that they are able to dream things that can give them information.

Maybe you have dreams that show signs about your life or even your past. Maybe you dream and you remember all of your dreams and they are very vivid to you or lucid. These dreams can fill your life and make you feel that you are alive.

Some people have dreams that distract them from life or keep them up all night and some of the dreams help to explain things that have happened in their life or their family.

Do you wish that you had psychic dreams or wish that you were able to have dreams that told you more about the future? Some people, around 30%, have psychic dreams and are able to get information from these dreams.

Do you remember your dreams when you wake up and then see them come to fruition later in your life? If you do, you will know that your dreams are meant to guide you and to give you insight about your life and maybe someone else in your life.

These dreams can be so vivid and strong that they are helping to develop your clairvoyant giftings along the way. You can use your dreams to get rid of fear and to help bring your powers to light.

People that are clairvoyant will be able to manifest their dreams and the dreams will get stronger as they get older and their giftings become stronger.


What kind of dreams will you have if you are clairvoyant? Some people that are gifted with clairvoyance will be able to see certain events or will be able to see into the future. These dreams might come as clear imaged or even lucid dreams, or the dreams might repeat themselves over and over again.

Precognition are dreams that help to tell the future and predict what is going to happen. These dreams do not happen to everyone, but they are considered psychic dreams and are very active with information.

Do you feel you are clairvoyant? What kind of dreams have you had that have waken you up suddenly or given you insight?  Here are some different types of dreams that you might have if you are clairvoyant:

Spirit Dreams

Your spirit guides are always with you once you invite them into your life and sometimes when you dream you might have a visitation dream. These kinds of dreams are dreams that your spirit guides will use to give you insight and to help you along your journey. They will show you symbols or signs and tell you specific things.

When you dream, you are in a safe space and your guides might come during this time so that you will have a relaxed and open mind. When you are relaxed in your dreaming, your spirits can talk to you and tell you things that you will remember.

These dreams can be lucid dreams and they can be peaceful and help you in your spiritual journey. If you want to increase your communication with your guides, you can ask them to come to you in your dreams before you go to sleep.


Some dreams will help you understand what you are going through in your life. Your mind will want to give you an explanation of what is going on. Sometimes you have questions about your life and your dreams can be full of symbols and signs that come from your soul.

  • Symbols in your dream can help you to understand your karmic ties and patterns and give you an idea of what you are going through in your life currently.
  • Your soul will help you to reach your higher self and the symbols that come to you can help you to move forward on your soul path.
  • Learn to release these dreams and identify them by paying attention to the language of the universe. Let the messages come to you and ask your guides what they mean.
  • When you get a message, ask your soul to decode the message for you and this can help you to grow in your spiritual self.

If you have symbols that keep repeating themselves and you need them interpreted, ask a psychic to help you. These dreams can help you through problems in your life and help you to address things that scare you.

Go deeper into your intuition and allow your mind to be open. You can be comfortable when you are sleeping because you are safe in your dreams.

Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive or dreams of the future are signs of your strong intuition. Your spirit can tell you things that are going to happen in the future.

Seeing things in the future comes from energy of the universe and these things can affect how you live your life. These dreams are thoughts and ideas that come in the form of change that the universe is trying to tell you or warn you about.

  • You may dream of something that is scary or dangerous and this can help you to know to change the path that you are currently on.
  • If you do not see details in your dream, get information by asking your guides. Let the information come to you when you are worried and ask our guides to meet you in your dream.
  • Seeing into the future can help you to make better decisions in your life and can show you that you might need to change your direction.

Future dreaming can help you to be in tune with what is going on in your life. Find out what inspires you and allow energy to fill your life and prepare you for the future.


  • You can learn about your clairvoyant gifts in dreams.
  • You can visit your spirit guides in your dreams.
  • Lucid dreaming can be shaped by thoughts and ideas.
  • Prophetic messages can come in dreams.

If you have psychic information coming to you in dreams you need to decode the information and see if it affects your life. You may have a gift that you didn’t realize you had.

Having dreams at night are things you need to pay attention to, and you need to try to find out the meaning of your dreams. Any dreams that you have that are psychic dreams can help you to make better decisions and can make you to have a better life. Be empowered by your dream.

Dreams help you to pay attention to things that are happening to you. If you want to develop your clairvoyant giftings, keep dreaming and ask your guides to come to you and show you more.