Who is A Real Clairvoyant?


clairvoyant 3Many people claim to have psychic gifts, “second sight” and the ability to see into the future. But a true clairvoyant is indeed special and difficult to find.

Clairvoyants base their practices on their extra-sensory ability to obtain information through their special gift of intuition, a so-called “sixth sense” or “clear sight.” These extra-sensory and intuitive gifts  allow readings that give insight into peoples’ thoughts, and may help with future decisions and plans.

While it’s common to lump clairvoyance, premeditation and psychic abilities all together, there’s a key difference. Clairvoyance is based on knowledge that comes from this special sixth sense or clear sight that’s beyond normal sensory input.

Since extra-sensory perception is something that can not be scientifically proven, many people remain skeptical of psychic abilities. People claim that clairvoyants, psychics and mediums are frauds that base their readings simply on guesses, and that they can’t really give any real new knowledge. Some people will even go into a reading and provide false information in an attempt to prove that the clairvoyant is practicing deceit.

Despite this widespread skepticism, throughout the Cold War, both the United States and the Soviet governments contracted “psychic spies” in their quests to collect secret knowledge and intelligence. Psychics have also been used by detectives and law enforcement agencies, especially in missing persons cases.

clairvoyant 2

Clairvoyants have roots in many different religious cultures throughout history, including saints, prophets and shamans. Others are not linked to any religion. Some even base their practice on their special connections with the dead.

Clairvoyant readings always include knowledge gained from the reader’s eye of the mind. Clairvoyants may base a session on facts shared. Some readers specialize in numbers, symbols or signs and base their readings on that information. Readings may involve disclosure of information such as a vision, such as a man and a woman standing together. Others may give information more akin to a map or a painting.

There are key differences between clairvoyant readings and tarot readings. During tarot readings, the reader does not see visions. Tarot readers are generally not psychic , and are simply interpreting the cards. Also, during tarot readings, the card reader does not contact or interact with the dead.

In the past, clairvoyants were only available to give in-person readings. But times have changed! In today’s tech-friendly world, some clairvoyants offer readings over the telephone or, more commonly, via the internet. These readings usually don’t involve tarot cards, and are generally available for a small fee.

When trying to find a clairvoyant that’s just right for you, look for someone who is empathetic and attempts to understand and share your feelings. Look for someone who is considerate, and seems to be seeking for your happiness. Above all, search for a clairvoyant who is truthful and free of deceit.