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Is past life regression proof that there’s life after death?

Is past life regression proof that there’s life after death?Past life regression

This is a form of therapy where one can get access to their past lives in the course of hypnosis. It is a well-known treatment and there are questions asked here. One is, do past lives exist? The next one is, is this therapeutic intervention useful?

Are previous life regression memories real?

They are real to the individual encountering them and look convincing to the therapists who evoke them. Although I have some reservations about the validity of this therapy, there are some professionals or specialists whose qualifications are more doubtful.

I don’t know if previous life regression is an important tool for well-being and mental health. I won’t love seeing individuals whose psyche is already fragile burdened with more lifetimes of trauma. Many individuals find it hard to heal the wounds of this life.  We need to put into consideration the fact of False Memory Syndrome when discussing previous life regression.

According to psychological studies, the distinction between a real memory and that of imagination is virtually impossible to tell.

Maybe, what we encounter as previous life memories are images that are fabricated by our brain and put together by our mind.

Other individuals are specifically vulnerable and susceptible to hypnosis. It is very clear in some cases that the therapist has primed the client for specific encounters.

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