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Having intuition is a gift that is given to people and is sometimes a gift that is forgotten. No one has perfect information, but we act, and we try to understand things that are not certain. We move from knowing things to not knowing anything and we always have intuition to help to guide us even if we do not realize we have this gift.

This is true for most things that we do in life from deciding what we will wear to work and what we will make for lunch to deciding what kind of career we should pursue.

We use our mind to understand things and to analyze things around us and make hard decisions. We use facts and data in most areas of our life and even though we think of this as intelligence, we often forget that it is our intuition.

Keeping us Safe

Our intuition will be there with us to help us to make important decisions that have our best interests at heart. It allows us to understand things and to reason better and can help to keep us safe.

When we collect our facts and data, we look at situations and sometimes we become a victim. We learn to understand that we have a gift and we have to learn that the gifting can be risky if we do not use it right or if we refuse to listen.

When we are in a situation that is dangerous for us, our intuition will be a form of intelligence that will keep us safe. It will warn you not to go down a certain street or not to go in the car.

Our intuition not only keeps us safe, but it helps us to make other choices as well.


Intuition can help you to make good decisions in your life. Having a gut feeling to make a good choice can happen and it can happen without even thinking about it.

The thing to understand is that intuition does not always give you an instant idea or answer but it can steer you into a different direction so that we make better decisions that will help us in life.


One thing that intuition helps us with is our career choices., When we listen to what our intuition tells us, we can avoid pitfalls that we might end up having. Maybe taking a promotion is not the best choice and your intuition will tell you.

Getting Married

Another great thing about our intuition is that it can help you to know if you are choosing the right life partner. You can trust that things will work out if you believe in your intuition and if you learn to make decisions that come as a gut feeling.


Intuition is a power that is like a superpower that we have. It allows us to confront challenges and to handle situations that are complex.

When we feel that we are not safe somewhere we are, chances are you need to listen because it is your intuition that is talking. Do not try to analyze it, just listen and try to use your deeper understanding to follow the right answer.

We all need to listen to what our gut is telling us and to be faithful to listen to these things. Some people forget that this is a good gift and they refuse to use it.

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