Crystals to Open Up Your Intuition

Best Crystals to Open Up Your Intuition

Are you someone that likes to channel energy? If so, there are many crystals that can help you to reach your needs and to channel the energy that you need. If you need to have healing or cleansing, your stones can help you and they can do so much more.

If you want to use the power of the crystals, you have to choose ones that are the best for you. Your intuition will tell you what crystals that you should use. While you are holding the crystals, meditate and see what kind of answers you get as to what stones to use.

Send your thoughts into the stone and see what they want you to do. This can help you to manifest what you want in your life. Believe in what the stones can do and when you find a stone for you, you can carry it with you or put it under your pillow to help you get the things that you want in life.

Clear Quartz

This is a stone that is known as a perfect jewel. This has power to give you strength and to heal your chakras. It can cleanse you and it can help you if you need to connect with the divine light. This stone will take energies and will make them stronger. It will help you to communicate and have clear thinking.


The Amethyst is a purples stone that works with your Crown chakra. This is a stone known as the “Gem of fire.” This stone is good to protect you and when you put it on your head, you can increase your psychic giftings.

When you meditate, you can use your intentions to help you know that your chakras are strong and open. When you feel that you have reached your higher power, you can connect with the divine

Aqua Aura

This stone is a teal-colored stone and has gold inside of it. This is an abundance stone and can bring you peace. This stone will help you to get rid of stress. It works with the Crown, Third Eye and Throat chakra. This stone helps you to get money to yourself and can help you to have messages from the divine.


The Labradorite is considered the “magic stone” and it can help you to reach your Akashic Records. This stone will help you to change situations for the good. You can get rid of negative energies, and you can also increase your telepathic gifts. This stone will protect you and keep you grounded.

Lapis Lazuli

This is a stone that will help you to see truth and will give you visions. It brings you peace and honor and will help you to have more compassion.

This stone is a blue color and will have gold in it. It can help you to have Lucid dreaming and help you to block attacks from the psychic world. This stone will send back negative energy to those that send it to you.


The Celestite stone is a stone that is known to keep you calm and to give you a clear mind. It can help you if you need to communicate and to reach the divine. It can help you through your enlightenment and can help you to open up your psychic giftings.

Angel Aura

This is a stone that is rainbow colored and it has silver and platinum in it. This stone will help you to reach your higher self and will help you connect with the divine powers. It helps to open up your soul and to increase your energies. This will help you to open your psychic giftings.