Finding Out if You are an Empath

Finding Out if You are an Empath

Do you have strong emotions, and you feel that you can feel the emotions and thoughts of people around you? Do you sometimes get sick and later find out that someone around you was having sickness symptoms of their own illness, but you picked these up in your own body? This idea is that you can be aware of the energy of the emotions and physical sensations around you.

People communicate with more than just words and they often use other things such as body language and visual cues to share what they are feeling. Everyone and everything are made up of energy and when you communicate through energy, you will see that energy is everywhere.

Scientists have even proven that there is an energy field that surrounds us, and that each person is in a state of energy and allows the person to know that they are moving and so on. When you are an empath, the energy that you pick up can be confusing because you pick up other people’s energies and it feels much like your own.

Emotions are strong and when you feel stress or anxiety and you aren’t sure why or you are confused about your emotions, you might be an empath. This means that you have to learn to separate your own feelings from the feelings of others.

Few Examples

Here are some examples of what you might be feeling if you are an empath:

  • You feel good and then all of a sudden you have negative feelings that come out of nowhere. Chances are that you are communicating with someone that is negative through your energy.
  • You go into a space that is crowded and you pick up the negative energy of the people that are in the room. Chances are that you are picking up feelings of judgements and self-disdain.
  • Being an empath means that you are meant to be here to help people heal. You are clairsentient which means you get the feelings and emotions of others through energy. This can mean that you are a healer and that you are meant to help others.

Caring for You

You need to learn to care for yourself and to set boundaries. When you do this, you can manager your life and you can always be sure that your energy is renewed, and you can clear negative energy from your area.


If you want to clear the energy around you, here are some things you can do to make that happen:

  • Make sure that you are not holding on to negative feelings of hate, jealousy, judgements of others, sadness, anger, fear, or other things. You have to pay attention to your emotions so that you can clear them and better yourself.
  • Practice clearing your energy when you feel your energy shift from positive to negative because this means you are probably picking up the energy of others.

When you feel these things, make sure that you are controlling your thoughts and being positive and moving away from negative thoughts or feelings. Wherever you put your attention is going to be where your energy goes and so make sure that you have peace in your heart and mind.

Setting Intentions

Take time to release the energies that are negative inside of you. Clear your space and do this moving forward so that you can fill your being with light and love.

You will see that your mood will shift almost immediately but if it doesn’t, keep trying until the negative emotions and thoughts go away and your energy is happy and free. You can do this each day and each morning when you wake up so that you can love yourself more and so that you can tell the difference between your own feelings and the feelings of others.


Empaths will communicate differently than other people because they communicate with the energies of others. They are able to feel what others are feeling and this can confuse them or make them feel that the energies are their own. This can cause the empath to feel sad or upset.

The energies that you need to embrace are love and forgiveness, compassion and caring. This can help you to make good decisions and to raise your low vibrations to higher vibrations that can help you to learn and to heal.