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Ending a Love Triangle

Ending a Love TriangleBeing in love and dating is hard but what happens if you get stuck in a love triangle?  Nothing is good about a love triangle and this is when there are two people that are in control and if you are part of this, you are allowing yourself to be played.

For people that find themselves in this situation, you need to change this and turn your life into something better.


If you get stuck in a love triangle, you need to question who you are and the relationship that you are in.  Be blunt and don’t beat around what you feel.

If your love is inviting other people and bringing them along then you need to look at the whole picture.  You can’t allow people to lie to you and you can’t keep them in your life.


Never tolerate being in a love triangle.  Don’t talk about how they love you because they don’t.  If they are playing you and you are allowing it, they will lead you along.  This will take your chances away from being happy with someone else.

Make the choice to be the only one in the relationship with your love and don’t allow them to bring other people in it.  If your love has a friend that is not really being a friend then you need to figure out if they are there to cause you pain or to bring peace.

Blast Them

Be honest about people when someone asks you about them.  This is the way to get back at them if they are not nice to you.  Don’t hold grudges or be mean but if someone is wrong to you, walk away and find other friends.   Don’t stick around to try to fix things because this most likely won’t happen.

The best way to get back at someone is to be honest about who they are and tell others if they ask.  You don’t want someone else to go through what you did.

When it comes to a love triangle, don’t repeat this and be dating people that don’t care about you.  You need to find other ways to find love and if they make you look terrible then break up with them.  Tell them why you did and don’t be childish about it.  If someone is wrong to you then walk away and be kind but tell others what happened.

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