Do You Have a Clairvoyant Child?

Clairvoyant Child

All children are unique in their own way and some of them have special gifts, but some display signs of being naturally clairvoyant at very young ages. When undeveloped talents of this nature occur, these kids are often misunderstood. They simply don’t know how to cope with their abilities. Many people believe that most of us have abilities in our toddler years that become quelled by our parents and societal environments so they either don’t develop, or they are just ignored and then forgotten.

Early signs that a child is clairvoyant is that they seem to space out or drift off in thought a lot. They may appear alert, but somewhere else at the same time. This could be due to visions coming to them that they don’t quite know how to interpret mentally or emotionally.

Extremely vivid dreams or intense nightmares are also indications of being clairvoyantly inclined. This in turn can cause children to be extremely frightened of sleep, begging parents to let them stay up or having tantrums to prolong bedtime. Many parents misinterpret the sleep aspect of clairvoyance for bad behavior, and they become frustrated.

The emotions transmitted through the nightmares or dreams can be very unsettling until the child can learn how to discern the difference between a vision of importance and an ordinary dream. Many things can be mistaken for something else when dealing with clairvoyant children.

They can describe places they’ve never been to or people they have never met in accurate detail but are taken for liars. They may get precognitive visions and aggressively demand to be taken away from certain places or things for no apparent reason.

Imaginary friends may not be so imaginary when it comes to these special kids. They may appear completely crazy because they are talking to someone that isn’t visible to us. However, this person or being really does exist as a part of the child’s visual reality.

Figuring out the difference between a troubled child and one with clairvoyant leanings isn’t always simple, but there are things you can note to help you out. Troubled children with severe sociopathic behavior issues lack empathy, whereas clairvoyant children are very empathetic.

These children often cry when seeing other people cry, they show extreme compassion for others, especially animals and they can feel the emotions of others even when those other people are hiding them.

An “empath” is considered something other than clairvoyant, but clairvoyant kids illustrate many of the same qualities which are assigned to empaths. They have high sensitivities to the feelings of others, often to the point of it being disabling if they are exposed to too much negativity. Clairvoyant kids also blame themselves when they have premonitions of bad things that come to fruition.

Clairvoyant kids need guidance and understanding so they don’t become self-loathing. Awareness is the key. So, if you notice your kid often appears before you call them and they show many of the earlier mentioned signs, it may be time to sit down with them and have a very open and thoughtful discussion about clairvoyance.