Cleansing Your Energy

Cleansing Your Energy

When your phone rings and you know exactly who it is without looking or if your phone is across the room and it buzzes and you know who is texting you, this is part of your mind’s eye.  This is clairvoyance and is known as clear seeing.

All people are born with some kind of gift and clairvoyance is one of the gifts that many people experience.  This means that you can know things and experience things without even being there or without knowing from senses.  Your body is like a signal, and it works with the universe to pick up different signs and meanings.

There are different types of gifts such as:

  • Clairaudience
  • Claircognizance
  • Clairaudience

But the most known of all of these are clairvoyance.  When you are aware of what is going on in the world around you because your mind connects with the universe, it allows you to connect with different thoughts, emotions, and motivations that other people have.

This can seem like a lot and can cause some people to feel overwhelmed, but the truth is, having a gift from the universe is amazing and can help you to practice your clairvoyance so that you can help yourself or others.

Practicing these gifts can clear your mind, heart and spirit and can help to lessen your negative energy that is inside of you.


The best thing that you can do is to understand your intentions.  Understanding your intentions can be magical and can help you to interact and to release the negative energies that follow you in your life such as anger or depression.  You can also lessen your fear and anxiety.

You have to make sure that you have good and kind intentions, and you can use these intentions to clear away negative energies and to help you to trust yourself.

Burning Sage

One way to get rid of negative energies is to burn sage or smudging.  This happens when you burn sage and let the smoke go around your room and your body.  You imagine all of the negativity leaving your body and all of your negative emotions.  You can go through your home and open the windows and doors and let out the energies.

Salt Bath

A salt bath can help you to remove negative energies form your life and can help to treat health conditions.

The energies that you have can be healthy and you need to add a good amount of Epsom salt into your bath as you soak.  This can cleanse your soul and can make your aches and pains in your body to leave.

When you do this, fill up the bath with hot water and add Epsom salt.  Lower into the water and let your body begin clearing the negative feelings that you have.


Music is a great way to cleanse your energies.  Having different sounds like ringing the bells and making beautiful music can fight off evil spirits and can take away negative energies.

You can also raise your vibrations when you do this. Let music elevate your mood and you can notice that you feel better and that you are clearing your negative space and allowing good energies to enter your soul.


It is important to ground yourself so that you do not lose your sense of stability.  You can do this while you are sitting and imagine your feet on the ground.  Imagine that roots are growing out of the ground, past the dirt and grass and into your body.  Imagine that the Earth is allowing you to feel these things and trust the universe to take care of you.


Learn to cleanse your soul and your body and these can improve your energy field.  When life gets hard, allow yourself to release your mental and emotional negativity and allow yourself to be healed.  Use reiki or meditation or acupuncture to take away your stress.


There are many different healing methods that you can choose, and you need to find the ones that work best for you.

A healer can help you to decide what is best and what kind of balance that you need to live a healthy and vibrant life.