6 Tips to Be More Comfortable

6 Tips to Be More Comfortable

Being uncomfortable isn’t something you should simply accept.

When you encounter uncomfortable situations, you shouldn’t necessarily act as though you’re ok if you’re not. It’s true that embracing some situations outside of your comfort zone can help in your personal development, but this is not always the case. First dates, work meetings, and meeting new people are all situations that can bring about a feeling of discomfort and trying to remain relaxed throughout these can be difficult.

In order to regain one’s composure, apply the following 6 techniques:

Find a friendly face

Some people feel uncomfortable in busy settings, such as at a party or networking event. When faced with this kind of situation, it helps to keep an eye out for others showing symptoms of discomfort and approach them in order for you both to feel less alone in your situation.

Utilize your smartphone

If you can’t see anyone around that looks like they may be facing the same discomfort as you, you can always turn to your smartphone and allow yourself to socialize virtually. This will allow you to temporarily excuse yourself from the uncomfortable situation, and the focus on your phone will allow your sense of equilibrium to return.

Create energy between your feet and the ground

Grounding yourself is a method that works well when faced with uncomfortable situations. Focus on your feet and absorb all the details, such as their weight on the ground and how any materials feel against them.

Next, you’ll need to generate energy between you and the ground, achieving this by moving your toes and raising your heels. This should empower you to feel more aligned with your body, allowing you to stop feeling trapped in your emotional state.

Ease your facial expression

When we feel uncomfortable, it’s usually evident simply by looking at our facial expression. Consciously work to soften your eyebrows, eyes, and mouth, which will allow you to look more at ease in the situation you’re in.

Not only will this have a positive effect on you, but the positivity will radiate around the room, allowing everyone around you to become more comfortable too.

Free your shoulders

After softening your facial expression, pay some attention to the way your shoulders are sitting. It’s likely you’ll be experiencing some tension there too. To free them, squeeze your neck in order to ease the tension.

Remember to breath

Lastly, and most importantly, remember to breath. Focus on how you’re inhaling and exhaling to ensure you’re not breathing too shallowly. If this is the case, apply the technique of breathing in slowly for three seconds, holding your breath for a further three seconds, and finally exhaling. This will assist in calming your nervous system and keeping your mind balanced.