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6 Facts to Know about About Precognition


The people who have special abilities and mental powers are generally known as psychics.  These abilities may include communicate with the deceased and predicting the future. They may have information that did not get through natural means.  If you have had a reading with psychic, you may have gained some spiritual guidance and assistance.  Some people have not been so lucky. Some have been duped and defrauded. This has caused some to doubt the abilities of psychics.

Psychics specialize

Psychics have different abilities, therefore they specialize in the areas where there powers are strongest.  These specialties are work in auras, channeling and telepathy.  By using their talents and specifics area they can be very effective.The most common and the most controversial ability is precognition.

The ability to see something before it happens is called precognition.  Precognition is gained through ESP and/or clairvoyance.  Precognition comes from the Latin which means to learn before.   Precognition is different from having a premonition.  A premonition is a sense that something will happen, while precognition is an actual quick flash of vision.


6 Facts about Precognition:

  • You can have precognitive visions your sleep. Just remember that not everything you see in a dream is a precognition.
  • Some psychics can have precognitions by putting themselves in a trance or divining with a crystal ball or some other means.
  • Some psychics will have a serious trauma associated with their first precognition, especially if the precognition happened in close proximity to the event.
  • Precognitions are generally related to those who are closely attached to the one having the precogntion.
  • Precognition is also know as second sight.
  • If you think you have this ability, you might want to be very careful about who you share the information with to avoid scaring people.

If you think you have this talent you should hone it by keeping a journal of all the things you see in visions or in dreams. Get some distance from the visions and then review your notes. Seen if you find any patterns or truth in your visions.  Be patient and smart with your gift.  If you need additional help, consult  a trusted and reputable psychic.

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