Different Kinds of Intuition


Our physical and intuitive senses are known as Clair gifts.  The different psychic gifts and sensitivities that you feel are given to you from the universe and these are called the clair gifts. There are multiple clair gifts that people can have and not everyone has all of them.

Below are definitions of the distinct clair senses:

Claircognizance Intuitive Knowledge

This is when an individual possesses clairvoyant knowledge despite any physical explanation or reason. Claircognizance is made of precognition and retrocognition meaning having knowledge about the future and of the past. What may be known with clear knowledge has no restrictions.

Clairvoyance Intuitive Vision

This the ability to see things, or events that are far away without necessarily using the eyes. Time and space transcend through it, and this may be due to the third eye or the fourth eye.

Clairaudience Intuitive Audio or Hearing

This the capability of perceiving sounds or words from the spiritual or ethereal realm. These tones exist beyond the reach of human encounters and beyond the limitations of ordinary space. For example: The sounds made by living and man-made things, nature, an individual’s body.

 Clairsentience Intuitive Knowing by Feelings

This is an individual’s ability to acquire knowledge through feelings. An individual who can sense the vibration of people and animals is clairsentient. There exists many degrees of clairsentience like the perception of thoughts and emotions to a person’s injuries and illnesses.

There’s a difference between this and clairvoyance since the knowledge only comes from feeling in the body.

Clairsalience Intuitive Smell

Also known as clair scent refers to the smell or fragrance, of an individual or a substance that are not in one’s surrounding. The smells are perceived without using the physical nose and beyond the limitations of space and time.

Clairtangency Intuitive Knowing by Touching

Clairtangency is known as psychometry. When a clair tangent touches an object, he or she will know something about it that wasn’t known by the owner or even anybody before the touch.

Clairgustance Intuitive Taste

This refers to tasting something without putting it into your mouth. This is the most preferred diet plan because it allows you to taste and to know things at the same time.

Clairempathy Intuitive Feelings of Emotion

The ability to know individuals and their energy is referred to as clair empathy. If you have clair empathy, you’ll experience thoughts or attitudes of a person. You may even pick up these emotions when you walk into a room or into a busy place.

Clair eloquence Intuitive Communication

This involves using a combination of words so as to achieve a specific objective. It is the second clair in the clair giftings.