Tuning into Your Clairsentience Gift

Tuning into Your Clairsentience Gift
Tuning into Your Clairsentience Gift

Do You Have a Clairability?

Did you ever wonder if you have a clairability? That is, do you ever ponder if you could take your physical senses to a higher spiritual level, or “heightened sensing”? Using all five of your senses–taste, touch, smell, hearing, and sight–is required when connecting with your higher self, your sixth sense, and the spirit world. The five senses are the doorways through which your connections with your intuitive psychic self can become stronger.

Clairabilities and the Sacral Chakra

The word “clear” comes from the French word “clair.” The word “sentience” comes from the Latin word “sentire,” which means “to feel.” Your clairsentience is rooted in your second chakra, which is your emotional body, your sensuality, and your creativity. This is the gateway to this amazing ability that you were born with.

The Sacral Chakra is orange in color orange in color, and spins like a disc in a clockwise direction. This chakra offers us the opportunity to tune in to and to feel our own emotions and the emotions of others. In addition, this is the seat of our clear feeling ability. This is where you begin to strengthen, unravel, and tune in with your clairsentience.

Take a moment now to see this vibrant orange chakra, spinning with its vivacious life force. As you begin to work with this chakra more and more, you will begin in time to feel it. You might even feel it now, as you place your consciousness in this area. What are the sensations? Focus here and begin to tune into this chakra. Let your attention be present, in this space, for a few moments. This simple act is telling your Higher Self that you are ready to open this fully.

How can I know my clairabilities?

There are eight clairabilities. Five are directly related to the five senses: clairvoyance, or “clear seeing;” clairaudience, or “clear hearing;” clairkinesthesia, or “clear touching;” clairgustance, or “clear tasting, and clairolfactory, or “clear smelling. There’s also clairsentience, or “clear physical feeling;” clairempathy, or “clear emotional feeling,” and claircognizance, or “clear knowing;”

To uncover your clairabilities, pay attention to the language you use. If clairsentience is a strong ability, you might find yourself saying things like, “The way I feel when you talk of this plan…,” instead of something like, “What I hear you saying about this plan is….” Or, you may say “As I consider this project, I feel…,” as opposed to “As I consider this project, I’m hearing you say….”

If you generally react with feel statements, you’re likely clairsentient. But if you generally react with hear statements, you’re likely more strongly clairaudient.

Here are some other questions you can think about as you consider clairabilities:

  • Do you find yourself feeling the emotions of others?
  • Can you walk into a room and sense the energy and emotion as well as the energy of the people in it?
  • As you work through issues of importance in your life, do you find yourself considering your own emotions, or the emotions of others?
  • In your dreams, do you vividly and clearly recall emotional connections, expressions, impressions, or feelings such as happiness, curiosity, strength or calmness?
  • If you were describing how a recent trip went to your friend or family member, would you be more inclined to tell them what you saw, what you felt or what you heard?

Here’s another exercise: Take a moment to recall the last theater performance you went to. When you recall it, what are your initial impressions? Do you give attention to vivid costumes and colors you saw? Or the sounds of the music or the performers voices that you heard? Or to the emotions the performances made you feel?

If you tend to give more attention to feelings of experiences in your daily life, then you may be clairsentient. It’s quite common to have two or even three clairabilities that present as strongest for you. As you grow in your learning, you will identify your strengths by how you interact with the world around you.

A classic clairsentient response is chills in your body. When this happens, pay attention to what’s happening around you. Become aware of higher consciousness signs, symbols and messages presenting for you in the moments surrounding this experience.

Fear and Clairsentience

Sometimes, clairsentience can be blocked by fear. For example, if a person fears they may discover something scary or unwelcome through the use of their gift, their gift may be blocked. To overcome the block, remind yourself that your clear-feeling gift is rooted in the highest of good and love.

Intention Statement

Before you go to bed at night, say out loud while you also write in your journal, “I am open and available to receiving higher knowing. My clairsentience is growing stronger every day. I use my ability to assist myself and others.” Writing and stating your intention out loud sets certainty within your subconscious and will amplify the blossoming of the ability.

Physical Manifestations

Clairsentient messages may present through your physical body in actual body sensations. Body messages can be felt either outside or inside the body. You may feel a touch on your shoulder or an itch on your skin. These all have meaning. From inside your body, you might notice a twinge inside your belly, an ache in your foot, or a tingling in your hands.

You may experience a combination of inside and outside messages. You may get the chills, which you feel inwardly, as well as literal goose bumps on your skin. Chills can become a powerful way of confirming that the evidence you’re receiving is real, letting you know you’re fully tuned in during a reading.

Other body codes may include a whooshing sound through your ears, a facial twinge, or ear ringing. Many people experience these sorts of messages without knowing what they relate to.

You may even experience voices of spirits presenting signs through you. For example, you may hear a spirit’s voice in one of your ears. The spirit may be using your ear because in life, someone significant to someone around you experienced significant hearing loss.

Decoding Signals and Messages through Physical Awareness

Your body is full of information for you, but you must be consciously aware of the present moment to experience it. In the modern age, we’ve been taught to ignore or suppress our emotional or physical selves and pay more attention to our left-brain thinking, as if we’re walking brains with bodies attached just for convenience. This leads us to center our beings in our heads, not in our hearts.

It takes special effort and focus to become aware of psychic messages. We need to force ourselves to become aware our loved ones who have passed and may be trying to speak to us to encourage us, warn us or congratulate us about the goings-on in our lives.

It’s common for clairsentients to feel a slight touch, perhaps on a shoulder, or on the head. You look around, but you don’t see anybody there. That touch is a gift from a spirit. If you’re into intuitive work or you’re a healer, that’s a particular code that you’ll need to decipher.

These feelings can be localized to inside or outside one part of our body, or may present as a general, intuitive “gut feeling.” One example of a “gut feeling” is when you’re outside and get a feeling that someone’s coming up behind you. You look, but you don’t see or hear anybody there yet. You check again, and indeed, someone is coming.

Pay attention to gentle intuitive messages. They may be very easy to overlook! Always be aware, be in the present moment, and tune in to them. The gentle messages can be very subtle. You may receive a similar intuitive message multiple times. This may be a sign that a guide or a loved one is trying to tell you something.

If you get a message three times, then that’s your signal that the message is psychic or intuitive guidance. But other times, a fleeting idea that just flits through your left brain may not be an intuition at all.

Developing Body Codes

Work to understand the meanings of the different feelings in your body. You can record these as “body codes.” Over time, you may even have enough to develop a book of these codes. A poking sensation on your arm, or a feeling of something in your liver or stomach, are likely relevant to the person you’re talking to. In a meditative state, begin working with your guides and your higher self to develop a system of codes that works for you.

For example, you could be talking to someone who mentions that he may need surgery. Be aware of your body code. You may feel a tingling or tension somewhere. Tune in to your body and be sure to communicate with the person about what’s going on.

The person will likely confirm what you are feeling. Note that you won’t necessarily feel physical pain in relation to a person’s physical issue. Learn to ask that messages of clairsentience present gently.

Clairempathy and Emotions

Clairempathy is the intuitive gift of being able to experience others’ emotions as your own. Healers, psychics and mediums can be very empathic. Some psychics can even feel their body almost meld into another person’s body.

Some highly empathic, intuitive people find that they can’t spend time in crowded places among many people. They’re empathetic to the point that they pick up on every person’s energy and become overwhelmed by it.

Though it is a gift, if you’re very empathic and open, you will need to learn to suppress that ability to remain balanced and centered. If you can’t, other peoples’ energy will overwhelm you. Grounding, running energy, and prayers of protection may assist you in finding this balance.

People who are very empathic often come to feel responsible for other peoples’ well-being. It’s very common for mothers to feel that way. Mothers have very strong psychic and empathic connections to their children. But as the children grow up, mothers must learn to let go and let the children take responsibility for their own lives and decisions.

It can be a challenge for empathic people, especially light workers and healers, to let go and let people live their own lives and not experience the stresses and challenges and worry about them. If you’re gifted as highly empathic, it’s important for you to learn to allow others to discover their own lessons and life paths.

Growing Gifts, Growing Sensitivities

As your gifts grow, you may become more sensitive to emotions and the physical sensations in your body. This is common and normal. Be sure to make notes in your journal about all of the new body sensations and experiences.

Practically speaking, it’s important to drink plenty of water, to get adequate sleep and to exercise daily. The care and attention you give to healthy body balance will serve to enhance your awareness and alloy you to quickly tune in to your abilities. As you take careful care of your body, you’ll come to know it very well.

You’ll notice when you get a tightening in your chest that’s not normal for you. You’ll quickly recognize that very clearly and know if it has some kind of a symbolic or literal meaning for you or someone near you.

Dream Journal

Pay close and careful attention to your dreams. The feelings that present to you in your dreams are of higher vibrational frequency. Therefore, profound messages of spiritual insight and guidance may come to you through them.

Be sure to take note of all feelings and emotions that you remember. In particular, make note of the feelings that arose in the last dream before you woke up. Revisit the journal often to consider the dreams’ meanings, as it may take a while to decipher messages.

The Sensory Field Trip

One of the first tools to use to begin opening up all of your clairs is the sensory field trip. This will help you to increase your awareness of energy and sensory information. Go to a zoo, the woods, your local grocery store, or a farmer’s market. Take the time to really notice everything there, as if you were a young child on your first field trip.

For example, take 30 or 40 minutes to wander through a grocery store. See all of the sights and smell all of the smells. Hear all of the sounds that you can and feel all of the feelings and body sensations.

You could even write down all of the sensory experiences, as an aid to help you focus. Look everywhere and feel everything. Notice all of the textures, colors, sensations, temperatures, feelings, emotions, and smells. Pick up a head of lettuce and really feel is texture, weight, and temperature.

Take note of what’s happening all around you. Is it colder or warmer in different departments of the store? What are you feeling inside your body? What are you feeling on the outside of your body? Are you drawn to look up, down, to the side? Ask yourself why this may be so. It’s important to notice direction because the directions from where things present to you do matter.

Often, directional messages are correlated with time. For example, something presenting from the left could mean it’s linked to the past; from the middle can represent a link to the present, and from the right can mean future connection.

The sensory field trip is an excellent method for opening up and for further developing the clairs. But be aware that if you’re already highly in tune to your abilities, or if you’re very empathic, you may find a sensory trip to be an overload. If this turns out to the case with you, just do a shorter trip or choose a less stimulating location that will feel better to you.

Now, try out each of these exercises, and begin to open the door to your own psychic, intuitive and mediumship abilities! You can always develop one of the clairs to make your life much more exciting, and to help the people around you.

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