Importance of a Positive Self Image

Positive Self Image

The way you think about and present yourself will have a large impact on your life, and those who are truly successful realize this and have forged their minds to think positively—both about themselves and about situations around them.

Noticing Your Appearance

When you pursue a positive self-image, it’s important to pay close attention to your appearance (in more than just the aesthetic sense). It’s important to come across as a confident and approachable person while also being assertive and forward-thinking.

Steps to a Positive Self-Image

The first steps of self-image and positivity begin outside of the design studio. Taking special care to groom yourself in small ways will affect your mindset in the long run. The more you care for yourself, the more pride you will feel.

One of the most important aspects of you as a being, is how you see yourself. Your self-image becomes your way of being in the world. How you see yourself matters. It matters to your success, and to your enjoyment of that success.

Nobody else can convince you that you are good at what you do, that you have talent, that you are worthy, or that it’s okay for you to have success.

If you see yourself as capable, you’re more likely to reach out for something you want, and you’re more willing to take smart risks. When you have a present time positive self-image, it’s easier to step out and be seen, and to shine.

Old, Outdated Filter

If you still see yourself through an old, outdated filter, the way you used to be years ago, you’re not seeing yourself now, how you are today.

If you are still laboring under a past time illusion that you are not capable, or strong, or able to succeed, that will be the way others see you too. One of the best ways to come into present time with yourself is to let go of the old invalidation, pain, grudges, and fears that held you back.

Knowing Yourself Clearly

When you take the time to get to know yourself clearly, and to create a new present time self-image, you give others around you the permission to see you in present time too. Every relationship you create out in the world begins with the one you have with yourself. If you are not in present time with you, how can you expect others to be? Sometimes other people want your old self-image.

Letting Others Choose Who You Are

You may be working from a self-image picture that you adopted unconsciously from watching other people around you, while you were growing up. Perhaps you want acceptance, validation, and love from those around you, so you agree to see yourself in a way that may not even be you. It’s up to you to check and see whether the self-image you’ve adopted is actually your true one.

If you are surrounded by people who laud your past successes and are ‘disappointed’ when you take risks and try something new, you’ll get bored with yourself. If you already know that you are ready to do something new, to stretch yourself, to step up and out, the old successes and tried and true methods you used to use, won’t work anymore. Your greatest hits will sound dull to your own ears. It’s up to you to step away from the past, to grow, take risks, and create something new.

Changing Over Time

You may change your self-image many times over your lifetime. The way you see yourself can change as you do. When you add another level of mastery to your repertoire, you can bring your self-awareness into present time.

When you decide to get into present time with yourself, you have many tools at your disposal. Here’s a few suggestions:

  • Self-knowledge: Take the time it takes to get to know yourself. It’s worth it, and what’s more, it’s your job to do. If you don’t do this, you’ll be constantly handling confusion about who you are.
  • Validation and self-validation: Learn how to be validated, and to self-validate. If you are needy for validation from others, you’ll get stuck molding your image to please them.
  • Forgiveness: Forgive yourself for your past mistakes, errors, and unconsciousness. When you do this, you free a lot of your energy to be in the present time with you.
  • Self-love, self-confidence, and a healthy self-image: This goes in the self-knowledge’ category. It is always worth learning how to have these valuable allies as you walk along your spiritual path.
  • Consciousness is awareness: Self-love, knowledge, confidence, and a present time self-image that works for you, are all a result of becoming conscious.
  • Clairvoyance is the ability to see energy clearly: The most important use of clairvoyance is to see yourself clearly, with love and compassion. Non-judgment is a valuable part of seeing clearly, because if you judge someone or something, you can’t see it. This includes yourself.

Today is a perfect day to begin working on your present time self-image. It’s all up to you to decide to see yourself as you are.