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You must learn to love and accept yourself.  If you don’t, these actions will affect who you are and the relationships that you are in.  You have to learn to work hard and to keep your faith and your future in mind, knowing that you are good enough.


When you have siblings, you might feel that you don’t really fit in.  You might feel that you are different and that you have siblings or other people in your life who are better than you.  This might cause you to be rebellious and outspoken.

If you have siblings and you have to take their hand-me-downs, you might feel like you are not really a part of the family and that you never had enough to make you stand out.

You might be teased at school or at home and you might have to fight for who you are.  When you get older, you will maybe feel alone and unloved and your past might play a big role in why.


We learn that society tells us that we have to act a certain way, have a certain amount of money and look a certain way to be worth something.  We tell ourselves that we are not good enough and that we don’t do or have enough.

We feel that we are never going to reach our goals.


We have to learn to feel worthy and to shift our outlook on our lives.  We have to learn to be worthy.  We have to know our worth is important and that we have goodness and are beautiful.  We have to know that we are love and that we are amazing.

We need to love ourselves and even though this is an ongoing process, we have to learn to appreciate who we are.


Start each day when you get out of bed telling yourself that you love yourself and that you are good.


Take time each day to be positive and to meditate.  Write down what you are feeling.


Tell yourself that you are happy and love yourself for who you are.


Allow yourself to have feelings.  If you are sad, talk about it.  Be mindful of your emotions.


Find new things to do, go to new places on vacation and find new hobbies.  Do something you have never done before.

Enjoy Life

Find activities in your life that you love to do.  Exercise and go for walks.  Join the gym.


Surrender yourself by giving yourself time to relax.  Take a bath or take time to drink coffee.  Plan different times where you can plan to relax at home.

Spiritual Development

Let your life be a journey and surrender and grow.  Find steps to learn about your spiritual self and develop it.

Know Who You Are

You have potential to do amazing things.  Know that things are limitless for you.  Create a happy life for yourself.


Allow yourself to make mistakes and be patient with yourself.  You will see results.


Learn to appreciate the small things.  Be thankful for what you have.


Let your intuition and gut feeling guide you.  Listen to what your gut is saying when you have to make a decision.


Make sure that you honor yourself and that you remove toxic things form your life.


Allow yourself to experience pain from your past and to face uncertainty.


Forgive yourself for all of your past mistakes.  Stop judging other.


Learn to have fun and to relax.  Play, create and be crazy.


Be real with yourself and with others.  Speak what is on your mind and be intimate with people.


Learn to be positive with yourself and move on in the right direction.


Stop rejecting yourself and learn to be aware of your self-neglect.


Know that you have worth.  Imagine what your life would be like if you dedicated time to loving yourself.

Get Help

If you are rejected and feel that you cannot love yourself, you deserve to be happy, get help.  Go and talk to someone in a support group or a counselor that can help you through these feelings.

When you learn to love yourself, you will know that you have a true calling and you will see that there is hope within you to have a happy life.

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