Psychic Abilities: A Curse or A Gift?

Psychic Abilities

There are many things in life that cannot be explained. Some people attempt to defend this by noting that as a human race, we have a lot left to learn. As our gifts are developing all the time, there are many, many things which we cannot explain. The ability to be psychic; the ability to connect to a higher level that no mere mortal on earth can yet explain, either with words or with scientific terminology. For many, this psychic ability is both a gift and a curse.

If you are a clairvoyant, you know the gift in being a psychic as well as the price. Psychics are gifted people and Psychic vision should be viewed as a gift of love you offer that can reroute a person’s life into a positive direction, put them on the path of their destiny and guide them towards solutions to life’s problems. Most often you offer your impressions not to feel powerful but to empower others to see their options more clearly, to comfort them through the storms and to elevate their confidence.

But at times there will be credence in the adage, “no good deed goes unpunished”, especially when you confront fear in others or scorn for aligning with such devilish ideas. But the truth is that your psychic gift is the mark of your spiritual evolution. And you have likely come a long way as a soul to be ready to serve others in this unique and powerful way.

Whether you are a professional psychic or a “closet psychic”, someone who uses your psychic vision from time to time to help your friends, you have probably confronted some of the dilemmas common to all psychics.

Seeing Death

The number one most dreaded psychic impression arising in a reading or from a psychic’s dream is one of death. Whether it is of the person you are reading or a person close to them, seeing death can mean other things besides a literal transition from this plane to the next. In most cases, even the angels in heaven don’t know exactly when someone will cross over.

Therefore, the best advice is to say nothing and to pray for them and their loved ones instead. Put down the burden. If it happens, do not take the blame, seeing as you didn’t cause it.

Uncovering More Than What the Person is Ready For

As a psychic you constantly have to make judgment calls about what to reveal, what not to disclose and how to bring up issues that you know will cause pain and need more than your advice to heal. You may be unearthing the roots of a person’s emotional history and repressed memories. You may not have the time or expertise to be of real help. The best psychics offer the tools along with their general impressions and defer the digging to the person seeking advice.

When They Don’t Ask but Need to Know

Some psychics have a “if they don’t ask then I won’t tell” policy. But the gift in an unsolicited reading is that in most instances the person is extremely grateful you were bold enough to tell them something valuable about their life or about their future. Most unsolicited readings are welcomed. So, give your gift freely (even in supermarket lines) and expect only grateful accolades.

Intuiting Illness

A gifted psychic can save a person’s life. To disclose or not to disclose if you see an illness brewing shouldn’t weigh too much on your mind. Not saying something can delay treatment and result in a more serious condition. The only question is how to disclose information about someone’s health without scaring the person to death.

For instance, if you get an impression of something abnormal in a woman’s breast, it may not be enough to tell them that you sense she needs a checkup, because her doctor may not schedule a mammogram if she had one that year. And it is definitely too much to say you think she has cancer, even if you believe it to be true. Let a doctor make the diagnosis.

Tell her to tell her doctor that she wants another mammogram because a psychic saw something unusual in her breast. In this way, if something is diagnosed both your friend and the doctor will learn something about the value of a good psychic.

Psychic Overload

One of the biggest curses of being psychic is that you absorb too much, taking on the discordant energies of others. Psychic absorption can result in variety of symptoms from tiredness, a sick tummy, and muscles and bones that ache. The problem will resolve if you can learn to raise your light vibration to a higher frequency. The generator of this frequency is your heart chakra.

Identifying Too Much with Someone’s Pain Situation

Many psychics not only complain that they feel the physical or emotional pain of those they advise, but that at times they over identify with the person’s problems or their situation. It can be difficult to be confronted day after day with people just like you and there is usually a reason why you attract so many painful reminders. You need to heal a similar issue.

Remembering that each individual is unique and not necessarily an identical mirror reflection of you will keep the boundary lines clearer. In this way, your reading will be less colored and more objective.

When You Aren’t Appreciated Enough

A psychic friend complained to me how she just doesn’t feel appreciated by those she has helped over the years. Few call her to say “thank you” or even acknowledge that what they were told made a difference in their life. Just before the economic crisis, at the end of 2007, she told her good friend to get her money (a substantial sum) out of the stock market immediately and invest in gold.

Her friend followed the advice, and not only did it prevent a personal financial disaster, but it also almost doubled her worth. But she never said, “thank you” and only talked about her wise investment. Sometimes psychic work is thankless, but no more thankless than being any kind of special friend.

Being Thought of as Witchy or a Complete Fraud

Just about every psychic confronts judgment, being thought of as evil, witchy, too powerful, or a charlatan. Your psychic gift can be misunderstood, even by those closest to you. But thank goodness the inquisition and witch burnings are a buried history.

If taken to heart, one incident of verbal brutalization by a judgmental person can cause a psychic to put away his or her crystal ball and join the ranks of the non-seeing populous. Many years ago, I gave a reading to a woman who insinuated I was a fraud. In fact, she refused to pay me saying my prediction of a new career in technology wasn’t remotely possible.

She stormed out the door in a huff and I was naturally embarrassed. But after a month of strides in regaining confidence, I shook off the experience as a freak occurrence. Three months later, I received an apologetic letter from the woman with a check in an amount double my fee. She wrote that everything I predicted in the reading came true.

More often than not a psychic will learn to roll with the punches and to live with the curse side of the psychic coin. Each difficult and challenging situation strengthens a psychic’s counseling abilities, confidence, and character. Over time a psychic will acknowledge that psychic vision is more a gift than a curse.