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You Might Not Just Be Aware That You’re A Clairaudient

  There are a lot of clairvoyant people walking around this world who don’t even know they have this super-cool intuitive gift.  Are you one of them?  Let’s find out 🙂

Clairvoyance is the ability to clearly hear those in Spirit, speaking to you externally or internally, meaning, you can hear Spirit speak to you in your environment or within your own mind. Many clairvoyants are already using their abilities without even knowing it

Signs that you might be clairvoyant

1. Hear someone saying your name when no one is around

Does it ever seem like you hear people talking, but no one is around?  Maybe you hear soft voices in the background, or could have SWORN you heard someone saying your name.

If this happens to you, it’s a pretty darn good indicator that you may be clairaudient.

When you have psychic hearing, you can sometimes hear things that other people can’t. It may be a soft, subtle sound (like music), or something more dramatic (like a voice).

2. You enjoy and need quiet

Intuitive people are usually highly sensitive, both emotionally and physically.  Because of this, you may be sensitive to noise if you’re clairaudient.

For example, a loud party or TV may make you feel – oh – like you are going to crawl out of your skin!  Personally, this is my only complaint about being clairaudient.

Too much noise might make you feel:

  • tired
  • irritable
  • ungrounded
  • or give you a headache

It can be really frustrating when you have psychic hearing, but your family and friends don’t understand how much it affects you.

That’s why it’s SUPER important for clairvoyants to have quiet time EVERY day.  You may even like to try noise canceling headphones or practice meditation.

3. You talk to yourself often

Do you have conversations with yourself in your head ALL the time?  It could mean that clairaudience is one of your dominant intuitive gifts.  Why?

Well, since you are already good at “being in your head”, it will be easy for you to learn to recognize when you’re tapped into Spirit.

If you talk to yourself a lot, you’re probably getting Divine guidance without even realizing it!

4. Ideas and creativity flow through you

If you’re clairaudient you may have many creative, inspired ideas that flow through you – especially when you are feeling relaxed, joyful, or grateful. This is because when you are happy, your vibration is high and you are most connected to your soul!

This is why clairaudient people seek quiet.  We intuitively know that in that solitude we can connect with the Divine.

It’s even common for people with psychic hearing to get lots of inspired ideas while taking a shower!  I suggest bathtub crayons so you don’t miss any of the guidance you get 🙂

5. Your best friends were imaginary

As you know that imaginary friends taht we have cant just be imaginary.  Au contraire!  “Imaginary” friends can be angels, Spirit guides, and even departed loved ones.

If you talked to an imaginary friend as a child, either telepathically or if you heard a physical voice, you are probably clairaudient.

6. Music makes you feel connected to your soul

The other day, Tom Petty was on TV talking about how music comes from the soul.  Yessss!

When I’m stressed, it’s usually because my soul needs something and I’m not listening.  That’s when I get in my car, hop on the nearest country road, and play music that I love!  Within just a few minutes, my vibration is lifted and I feel reconnected to my soul.

If music moves you to this extent, you may be clairaudient.

Remember, psychic hearing is ONE of FOUR ways that we can receive intuitive information.  So, it makes sense that a person who has this gift would be so moved by music.

You may also be:

  • Musically inclined or play music by ear
  • Write music – You may “hear” the music before you write it, or it may feel inspired by a higher power

On a side note… if you start seeing pictures in your head to match the song lyrics, it may also mean you are clairvoyant!

7. You’re the “Dear Abby” of the family

  • Do you enjoy guiding and uplifting others?
  • Do people tell you that you should charge money for giving advice or that you have a “gift”?
  • Do people call you to “vent” because you words are so soothing?

If so, you could be unknowingly channeling wisdom from the Divine, which is one of the most beautiful ways to use your clairaudient gifts.

8. Hear ringing or high-pitched noises in your ears

When I hear a high-pitched tone in my ear, I know my Spirit guide is around.  If this happens to you and there is no medical cause, this may be the way that you detect the presence of your Spirit guide or angels.

You may also hear buzzing, or feel your ears “pop”.  If it’s too loud it’s OK to say, hey guys, turn down the volume!

9. You learn through the auditory channel

Your preferred way of learning can be a clue as to which psychic gifts you have.  Many clairaudient people learn best through hearing.  Or, you may enjoy listening to a book on Audible rather than reading a book.

10. You can “hear” animals

Hearing animals doesn’t mean they open their mouths and start chatting like Mr. Ed or anything, it’s more like “blocks of thought” that pop into your head.

For example, I was petting my cat one day when a thought popped into my head that my daughter has been telling our kitty secrets!  I mentioned this to my daughter and she shrieked, “He did!  Did he tell you what my secret is?”  He didn’t.  Shucks for me.

11. You get “signs” in song and speech

Signs can make you feel connected to Spirit, feel validated, and are a TON of fun to look for!  Signs from Spirit can come to us in all different ways. If you ask for a sign from your guides or loved ones in heaven, take notice of how they come through for you.

Does the guidance you’ve been seeking come through in the next song that plays on the radio?  Or do you find yourself saying, “Funny you should say that,” when a stranger says exactly what you need to hear?  If so, these are traits of clairvoyance.

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