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Signs That You’re Clairaudient and Unaware

Clairaudience is a type of psychic hearing. It literally means “clear hearing”, and is the ability to hear beyond what is considered to be the normal range. Clairaudients can hear those in spirit, and they can hear them both internally and externally. Sometimes you’ll know what you just heard was in your head, or inside you. Others, it seems for all the world that it was outside you, or somewhere in your environment. Clairaudience is one of many psychic gifts, and like many other gifts, many of those who possess this power are completely unaware that they possess it.

Signs that you’re clairaudient:

1) You hear someone saying your name, but there’s no one around

Have you ever experienced hearing people talking when no one is around? Maybe you hear several voices, very low, but you just know that you DEFINITELY heard one of the voices say your name clearly. This is a strong indicator that you’re clairaudient. A clairaudient hears things that other people don’t. This can manifest itself in the form of something subtle, like music, or something more obvious and dramatic, like hearing someone calling your name.

2) You NEED and enjoy quiet time

Intuitive people are often very sensitive, both physically and emotionally. Because a person with clairaudience has a heightened sens of hearing, sometimes too much noise, or use of the gift can leave them feeling overstimulated. Loud noises or gatherings may be unbearable to a clairaudient. Too much noise or not enough quiet time can leave you feeling tired, ungrounded, irritable, and may result in a headache, or other undesirable symptoms. Because of this, a clairaudient needs quiet, alone time each day. Noise-cancelling headphones and meditation are life-savers!

3)  You talk to yourself- a lot

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you speak to yourself out loud. These conversations with yourself happen primarily in your own head. This is because you spend a lot of time tapped in to the spirit world, the universe, your guides, etc. You’re most likely subconsciously aware of when you’re tapped in, conversing not with yourself, but with the spirit world or your guides. So, if you notice that you’re doing this frequently, you’re most likely receiving guidance without even knowing it.

4) You seem to have a muse

Inspired ideas and creativity come to clairaudients a lot more when they’re enjoying quiet time alone. This is because when they’re quiet and focused, they’re more in-tune with the Divine, and they’re more likely to receive some brilliantly inspired ideas. This phenomenon also occurs because when you’re relaxed, you’re more happy, calm and more connected to yourself. Sometimes your thoughts will come through while you’re relaxing in the bath or shower. It’s helpful to buy some bath crayons for this reason.

5) You had imaginary friends

Lots of clairaudients remember having imaginary friends. They talked to their friends happily, though no one else could see them. In fact, you may not have seen the imaginary friend in question, either. Sometimes our imaginary friends aren’t imaginary, but something that we don’t understand yet. In the case of a clairaudient, these friends could be deceased loved ones, other spirits, or spirit guides, and can be spoken to both internally and externally.

6) Music soothes your soul

This seems pretty universal to all people, not just clairaudients. Often, musicians speak about music coming from the soul. So, if that’s the case, doesn’t it make sense that a clairaudient can tap into that and get some comfort from it? If you’re ever feeling ungrounded or out of sorts, turn some music on and tune out. It’s very likely that you’ll feel better soon. If you’re clairaudient, it’s also possible that you’re able to write or play music, hearing it in your head before you write it down or play it. However, if you see images in your head along with the music, you may be both clairvoyant and clairaudient.

7) People come to you for advice


Clairaudients have a natural knack for giving good advice and building people up. You’ve probably found yourself giving advice to nearly everyone in your life. People even call you just to vent because you’re able to give them some calming words and calm them down. This all happens so often that you might have even considered charging for it. People come to you this way because your advice is most likely being channeled from the Divine, without you even knowing it.

8) You hear high-pitched noises or buzzing

When there’s no medical cause for you to experience these noises, it can probably be attributed to your clairaudience. It can come in the form of ringing, buzzing, high-pitched noises, or popping. Usually, when this happens, it’s because a spirit or something somewhere around you has the volume turned up so loud that it sort of creates feedback. It could also be that something is trying to catch your attention.

9) You’re an auditory learner

You’ve probably heard that there are different types of learning, such as hands-on, visual, and auditory. Clairaudients have a tendency to learn better through hearing. So, instead of reading a book, find an audiobook version and listen to it instead. You also may benefit more from lectures than reading.

10) “Hearing” animals

This doesn’t mean that you think animals are actually speaking to you. It’s more like picking up information from being around animals. This can come in the form of just knowing something, hearing words or thoughts, or getting flashes of images.

11) When you get signs, they come in the form of something you hear

When you ask the universe for a sign, wait patiently, and then finally receive one, because you’re clairaudient, it will most likely be something that you can hear. You can get signs in nearly any noise. Lots of clairaudients report that they get signs from speech and music.

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