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Finding Your Passion

Finding Your Passion

The universe has made every living and non-living thing to be full of energies. The Earth even has a magnetic force that can benefit each and every person, giving them energy and balancing their life, helping them to have strong memories and strength. People can see themselves as having their own energies and when a person has low vibrational frequencies, chances are that they are facing negative things and maybe even sickness. These feelings can bring on jealousy, low self-esteem, sickness, stress and more.

A person that has high vibrational frequencies will be confident, happy, sympathetic, courageous and empathetic. The frequency that a person has will change throughout the day and it is important that we learn how to keep these frequencies strong and high.

One reason people have hard experiences is because they have a hard time keeping their vibrations high. Being afraid or having conflict in their life can cause them to not be able to reach their goals or to maintain their frequencies.

There are ways that your vibrations can be increased such as:


People spend hours inside and talking with people, on their computers or other electronics and this can bring negativity into their life. Going out in nature can benefit each person and raise their vibrations. Connect with nature by going outside barefoot or spend time with animals. Take time to hug a tree or even a child. Doing this can help you to feel happy and help to increase your vibrations and take away stress and anxiety.

Stress can be powerful, and it can cause you to have bad emotions and make it hard to not be able to think clearly. Being in nature can give you a sense of calm and help you reflect on what you are feeling.

Toxic Relationships

People in toxic relationships most likely have low vibrations. People take on the energy of people and places that they are around and when someone is around a person that has toxic habits, these can lower their vibrations.

Stay away from people that are angry, gossiping, caring only for themselves and other negative issues and find people that are strong, happy and fun to be around.


Eat meals that make you feel light and happy. Stay away from high fat foods and processed foods that leave you feeling sluggish and bad.

Food can help to nourish your body and your mind and eating food from the earth is the best and healthiest food to put in your body.


People love their family and some love their job, but it is important to find something to be passionate about. People that have a real hobby int heir life will go beyond their regular jobs and do something that makes them have fun and to smile.

By doing this, people can raise their vibrations and find things they are passionate about. Being passionate is something that gives you joy and excitement when you do it. If you do not know what you are passionate about, ask questions about what you like to do and see where that takes you.

Ask your friends what they think you would like to do and maybe you can get clues about yourself. Maybe you like to go to the gym, take pictures, go fishing or other things, find whatever gives you joy.

Some people are passionate about helping others. Do you always have a feeling that you need to fix everything that people are going through? If you do, find things that you can do to make the world a better place and work hard towards that.

Skills can come naturally to you and if you find that you have good skills towards something, this could be something that is calling you.

Put it Together

Once you figure out what you love to do, find a way to do it. Do things that can help you reach into your intuition and know that you are doing the right things. Work hard and put all of the positive things in your life and raise your vibrational frequencies.

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