The Truth of Clairvoyant Readings

Truth of Clairvoyant Readings

In your mind, you can see the past, present and future. Can you imagine that? You can see someone’s life very clearly and specific as if you were watching a movie of their life? That’s how Clairvoyant psychics define their gift of seeing what most of us cannot see.

Clear Vision

The word Clairvoyant means “clear vision.” Psychics may get their visions with their eyes open or closed – some can set them off with a spread of Tarot cards, and others need only hear a client’s voice, or relax deeply to gain clarity. Psychics call on their visions to answer your questions, see your guides or loved ones on the other side, and to help you understand how others see you.

Seeing Their Own Way

Although Clairvoyance is common among psychics, they all see what they see in their own personal way, from words and numbers to stick figures and actual faces. Sometimes Clairvoyants get bits and pieces of images that flash before them and others, Lucrecia says, “get pictures so vivid you could print them out and send them as postcards.”

Inner Viewing Screen

“My third eye seems to include an inner viewing screen,” Tammy explains. “On that, I see everything and anything I ask about – and much that I don’t ask about. Events unfold like a movie. Sometimes I see symbols that lead me to the answers to callers’ questions. I get letters, names, colors, auras, maps of where people might be relocating . . . and I see those who have crossed over and have messages for my callers. Recently, I’ve even had faces come through to me as if they are in the room.”

Camera Viewing

“For me, being a Clairvoyant is like being connected to a movie camera,” says one psychic. “Whenever I look into the lens, I see all kinds of pictures, depending on the client’s questions. For example, if I get a question about love and I see two figures facing each other in my viewing frame, they are in love. If one of them has another love, I see that person on the other side of the person that is in love with them.

It’s how I know when someone has a spouse or someone else on the side. I may see a setting where two people might meet in the future – a bar, a library, a coffee shop. It’s amazing and exhilarating to be able to see!”

Challenges of Being a Clairvoyant

Being Clairvoyant is an interesting, yet challenging, way of looking at the world, our psychics report. “Just because a psychic has the gift of seeing, it doesn’t mean they have the answers to everything, whenever you need it,” Chel points out. It can take a trigger to focus the visions and the information that comes through symbolically or metaphorically – plus a little extra skill to unravel the answers.

A Light Trance

Anastasia goes into a light trance wherein she can access alpha and theta brainwaves to enable her to see clairvoyantly. Like many of our clairvoyants, Judianne uses her guides to trigger visions.

Visual Information of Clarity and Insight

Our psychics agree that they have a responsibility to their clients to translate the visual information they receive with clarity and insight. “The major work is to interpret and explain what the vision means,” Abrielle asserts. “It must be placed in context and time in the life of the person I am reading. It’s not our job to analyze a vision emotionally or to judge its credibility. On the contrary, it’s my duty as a messenger to be the clearest channel available.”

Other Psychic Gifts

Psychics may call on other gifts, tools, or spirit guides to confirm their clairvoyant visions. Joy is able to “pause” each scene that comes up Clairvoyantly to take a deeper look at the details in the situation.

Yin and Yang

And because there is a yin to every yang – a dark side to all that’s bright, which brings balance to the universe and our lives – being a Clairvoyant has its drawbacks, too. Not all visions are happy or pretty or nice, and the visions, Marin adds, may not be what a caller is anticipating. “It’s the truth, but they may not want to hear it.”

A Mixed Blessing

“But even the disturbing visions can be a mixed blessing,” Jesse points out. This gift can be used to bring very bad people to justice, warn lovers about an upcoming crisis in their relationships, help two people get back together, save jobs . . . and save lives!