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Balancing Your Chakras

Balancing Your Chakras

When you balance your body and your chakras, you will see that you will be happy.  When your chakras are out of balance it will bring you pain, stress and anger.

What causes your chakra to be out of line?  What is a chakra?

Your chakra is part of your body that holds your energies and the center of your emotions.  The chakras carry what is happening inside of you and they affect everything that you do.

Chakras are important for your spirituality because they affect every part of you both your mind and your body.  They help you to be sociable and to relate to others and to find your own talents.

Chakras bring you health and happiness and can help you to be successful.  They also attract others to you and help you to respond in your business and relationships.


Your chakras help you to have energies that bring you health.  These tools are good to help keep you free of diseases and sicknesses and you can improve your chakras and boost your success.

Money and Career

The base of your chakra that runs by your spine and to your feet help you to stay grounded and to have energies that are positive.  They are important to your success and when you get disconnected or your chakra becomes blocked, it can cause you to have money issues and fear.  There is also insecurity for your job and for your relationships that come with a blocked chakra.

You will feel that you don’t have to be committed to things, not people or work and you will feel tired and not have good circulation.

When you are blocked, your intuition becomes blocked and you need to be balanced and have an active chakra.  If you are sad, chances are your chakra is blocked and this can happen from losses or trauma.

Walk outside, take an exercise class or get in nature.  This can help you to open your chakra and make it flow.

Sacral Chakra

Your sacral chakra is found in the lower abdomen and is the part that affects your digestion. This is the chakra that brings you creativity and inspiration.  This area is where your pleasures are.  You can create your own business or even have a child with this chakra.

When this chakra is blocked, you will feel drained and negative.  You will shut down emotionally and have a hard time saying no.  You will not feel healthy and you will need support.  You will be single until this chakra is unblocked.

Try painting or doing something artistic.  Use a salt bath or get a massage to help open the sacral chakra.  This will help you to open up and express yourself.

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus chakra is where you connect.  This is found in the rib cage and affects your liver and stomach.  This is where you can be strong and be healthy.  When you have a power struggle or you are overworked, this can mean that your center is blocked and can cause you to be exhausted.

When this area is blocked it can cause you to face hard challenges and not be successful.

Try to rock climb or lift weights.  This can help you to build your strength and your chakra.

First Time

Even if you are hearing about your chakras for a first time, you need to know that balancing this part of your body is very important.  You need to explore your energy centers and learn how to make them positive in your life.

Using different treatments can help you to make way for alternative healing and can help you to make your body whole.  You want to feel well and amazing and you can be happy and find love inf your life.  Being balanced can help open new possibilities for you and help you to see what you want in your opportunities and relationships.

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