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Are You Clairaudient?

Clairaudience comes naturally for some people, but it’s an ability that others can cultivate with an open mind and a bit of practice. Clairaudience is the intuitive gift of clear hearing. When people who are not clairaudient try to imagine what it’s like, they usually think of hearing voices. Clairaudience certainly can involve hearing voices, but it’s usually more subtle than that. It often manifests as internal thoughts, ringing spimds in the ears, or songs that play in your head.

Clairaudients receive messages that provide comfort during trying times, tell you what somebody else is feeling or thinking, communicate warnings, or give you information about the future. These messages come from the deceased, their higher self, angels, spirit guides, and animals.

Are you clairaudient? Below are nine signs you might have this extraordinary psychic gift. Clairaudients don’t necessarily have all nine of them.

  1. You’re great at giving fitting and relevant advice to others, but you don’t know how you do it.

When a family member or friend asks you for advice, the right words just seem to come tumbling from your mouth. If you wonder where the advice came from, you need to consider that a spirit may have been speaking through you. You could be using your clairaudience to help people without even realizing!

Clairaudients have a wonderful intuitive ability. It helps people form deeper connections with spirit guides, and it can provide guidance to them on their spiritual journeys.

  1. You have extreme sensitivity to sounds.

If you jump at the slightest noise or you can’t focus in loud, crowded places, you may be clairaudient. Clairaudients more easily notice sounds than other people do. They may even feel drained if they’ve been in a noisy place for too long. This increased reactiveness to sounds helps clairaudients notice things that are outside of the scope of most people’s awareness.

  1. You notice information that seems like it was meant for you to hear.

Have you ever had a terrible day at work, only to hear the exact song you needed to hear to cheer you up when you turned on the car radio? Or did you ever overhear a conversation when you were having difficulties making a decision, and suddenly the right choice became clear?

People often dismiss situations like these as coincidences. But a spirit guide may be trying to focus your consciousness on a certain sound. If you often have experiences like these, it’s a definite possibility that you’re clairaudient.

  1. As a child, you had an imaginary friend.

Are You Clairaudient?Many children have imaginary friends. But you had long talks with yours. Most people attribute this to an overactive imagination. But it’s likely you were experiencing an episode of clairaudience.

Spirit guardians and guides are naturally drawn to children’s innocence and purity, so that’s probably what your imaginary friend was.

  1. You hear voices calling your name even when nobody else is around.

Have you ever felt like you heard your name called in a crowded place, but couldn’t find the source when you looked around for it? Or have you heard it when you were trying to fall asleep at night, even when you’re the only one home?

At first, hearing voices like this can be spooky. But rest assured that the spirits aren’t trying to scare you. They’re attempting to communicate with you. You may have been chalking it all up to your imagination. But the somebody calling your name could be a spirit guide that wants to communicate something important to you.

  1. You often talk to yourself.

Everybody talks to themselves every now and then. But clairaudients often have lengthy, involved conversational interactions with themselves. They ask questions, and a calm, rational, and gentle inner voice answers to nudge them in the correct direction.

Talking to yourself is often an indicator of a form of clairaudience that’s strictly internal. Instead of getting messages by way of external hearing, an internal clairaudient hears messages within their heads, always in their own voices.

  1. You know how people feel just from hearing their voices.

Even if they say something different, people’s body language will often indicate how they’re really feeling when we talk with them face-to-face. But if you know how somebody feels just from hearing their voice, like when you talk by phone, then you may be clairaudient. This gift is common also among people gifted with clairsentience, or clear feeling.

  1. You’re musically gifted.

Clairaudients are more musically gifted than the general population. Clairaudients probably can play an instrument or two. Some even enjoy writing songs and lyrics.

But clairaudients don’t all possess this inclination. You can be deeply connected to music even without playing instruments. Do you ever get songs stuck in your head for no apparent reason? Your subconscious may be doing this to give you information.

  1. You are aware of sounds that nobody else can hear.

It may be a high-pitched buzzing sound, or more like a ringing. When you ask people near you about the sounds, they tell you they can’t hear it.

If you frequently hear strange noises like these, you should rule out any possible medical causes, like sinus infections, hearing loss related to age, and extended exposure to excessively loud sounds in the past. All of these can be sources of buzzing or ringing, so sounds like this aren’t the most reliable way to discern if you’re clairaudient or not. But if there’s no medical explanation, spirits may be attempting to communicate messages to you.

If you think you may have the gift of clairaudience, it’s important for you to remember that you can develop your gift, but this will require patience and practice. Strive to keep an open mind while you do this, and remember that clairaudient episodes should never be scary. They will always be positive.

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